CMS based on Iron Framework for Rust lang
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Iron CMS

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Inspired by Rust, CMS based on Iron framework

Our aims and basic features

  • We love Rust and we want create amazing tool and infrastructure for scaffolding and smart development. Fast development, efficient code, safe environment. Big and bold goal, but it is worth it.
  • We investigate several Rust framework, our base for that - performance and smart development with chosen tools and framework infrastructure.
  • We not guaranteeing use Iron as basic framework before ending investigation.
  • We developed middlewares for Form Request parsing and complex form data valdation
  • We use only stable version of Rust and their libraries
  • We tests cover our code as far as it possible
  • We trying develop full-featured tool, including: templates, for fetching and validation, auth, cookies, session, database, http-security tools,cloud integration, admin/backend tools, caching, migrations, CI-orientation, flexible integration new features.
  • We want to attract interest in Rust and to the fact that web development with Rust is funny and effective.

Our investigation project for that:

Web site

Current status:

Active development

How to build and run:

$ git clone
$ cargo build --release
$ target/release/iron-cms


  • Rust 1.13+

Some useful command:

  • install Rust: make install
  • run: cargo run or make
  • build: cargo build or make build
  • release build: cargo build --release or make release
  • test: cargo test or make test

####License: MIT