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NixOS Server Example with plops

Setup containing opinionated modules to deploy NixOS servers on hcloud using nixos-infect with my plops provisioning tool for NixOS, which is an overlay on krops.

After server creation, the initial provisioning uploads the nixos-infect script and applys it. After server creation and initialization terranix/terraform generates files used for the "real" provisioning done by plops.

Of course instead of plops you can use every provsioning tool you like here (e.g. NixOps, Ansible, ... )

How to Run

Make sure your passwordstore is setup correctly.

Server creation

nix-shell --run "terranix > && terraform init && terraform apply"

Server provisioning

This will recompile git, because we overwrite openssh, to use the local ssh key.

cd plops
nix-shell --run "deploy-server1"

Server deletion

nix-shell --run "terraform destroy"


Passwords are managed by pass the password-store.

You need a hcloud token which is stored under development/ in your passwordstore. (Of course you can change that by adjusting the ./shell.nix).

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