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This repository contains the software for the Draadloze Slimme Meter Reader.

You can find technical documentation for this project at

There is a new repository with new firmware for de DSMR-logger that you can find here


Almost all households in the Netherlands are equipped with such a Smart Meter.

The name DSMRlogger is derived from the acronym DSMR which stands for “Dutch Smart Meter Requirements“. The hardware and software should work from version 4.0 and up of these requirements (as from that version on the requirements state a 5v output @250mA, which is needed by the DSMRlogger to operate).

Unzip the file into your Arduino Projects directory.

A map "DSMRlogger2HTML" will be created with in it all the files necessary to program an ESP01 to function as a “Slimme Meter Uitlezer”.

If you use an ESP01 black (recommended) than you must set the board to:

Arduino-IDE settings for ESP01 (black):
- Board: "Generic ESP8266 Module"
- Flash mode: "DOUT"
- Flash size: "1M (128K SPIFFS)"
- Debug port: "Disabled"
- Debug Level: "None"
- IwIP Variant: "v2 Lower Memory"
- Reset Method: "nodemcu"   // <-- this actualy depends on the programmer you use
- Crystal Frequency: "26 MHz"
- Flash Frequency: "40MHz"
- CPU Frequency: "80 MHz"
- Buildin Led: "1"  // GPIO01 - Pin 2
- Upload Speed: "115200"
- Erase Flash: "Only Sketch"
- Port: "ESP01-DSMR at <-- IP address →"

For more information see this post.

If you are new to programming the ESP8266 (and you have mastered the Dutch language) I recoment this post!

Actual DeviceInfo

If you upload one of the PRDfiles.csv, you need to reboot the ESP01-DSMR before it overwrites the files again from memory to SPIFFS (every change of the hour, day or month).