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Cleaned up recipe. Removed gem update and rvm stuff

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mraaroncruz committed Apr 18, 2012
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@@ -1,2 +1,9 @@
bootstrap files borrowed (stolen) from this tutorial
-[Chef Solo tutorial](
+[Chef Solo tutorial](
+If you are using this and you would like features added, create an issue or pull request (preferrably on a topic branch you have created in your fork)
+#### Todo
+* rbenv and ruby 1.9.3+
+* zsh, maybe with my .oh-my-zsh repo
@@ -1,33 +1,26 @@
-# execute "apt-get update" do
-# user 'root'
-# end
-# this is because my dns was messed up in my vagrant box
+execute "apt-get update" do
+ user 'root'
+# what is below exists because my dns was messed up in my vagrant box
# i set the dns to, google's dns
# comment out if you don't need
-cookbook_file "/etc/resolv.conf" do
- source 'resolve.conf'
- owner 'root'
- group 'root'
+# Edit: This has been unnecessary for me lately but
+# I will leave it in until the next release
+#cookbook_file "/etc/resolv.conf" do
+ #source 'resolve.conf'
+ #owner 'root'
+ #group 'root'
-%w[wget curl git-core build-essential vim-nox nginx imagemagick].each do |pkg|
+%w[wget curl git-core build-essential vim-nox nginx].each do |pkg|
package pkg do
action :install
-# this is my default install, the best rvm cookbook i've found is at
-# this installs system rvm so at /usr/local/rvm instead of ~/.rvm
-# include_recipe "rvm::system"
-# execute 'update rubygems' do
-# user 'root'
-# command 'gem update --system'
-# action :run
-# end
cookbook_file "/home/#{node[:user]}/.vimrc" do
source 'vimrc'
owner node[:user]
@@ -42,4 +35,4 @@
owner node[:user]
group node[:user]
mode '0755'

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