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general website update procedure

  1. update local repo

  2. add pages/posts, make changes to theme, etc.

  3. run pelican content from the main repo directory

    • to test changes, enter the output directory, run python -m SimpleHTTPServer, and go to "localhost:8000" in a browser
  4. to upload your changes to the website, enter the output directory

  5. you are now in a new git repo, so run git commit and git push as usual.

  6. now, cd .. to the main repo, and commit and push your changes here as well

  7. to publish, log into the website EC2 instance, navigate to /var/www/html (which is a clone of the output repo) and run git pull.

for more extensive updates

  1. create new branch in local main repo, and also in local output repo.

  2. switch to these branches, and do all the work there. merge when finished.