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Pop up macOS alerts from an AWS Simple Queue Service
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sqs-alerts is a service for macOS that monitors an AWS Simple Queue Services (SQS) queue and pops up an alert for each message received.

Good for building simple monitoring systems. See e.g. examples/


  • Set up an SQS queue.
  • Install Boto (pip install boto3) and configure AWS credentials.
  • Edit QUEUE_NAME in, then install the script somewhere permanent on your filesystem (e.g. ~/.local/bin).
  • Edit INSTALLPATH in alerts_from_sqs.plist to specify where you installed it. Then set the script to load on boot with launchctl load .local/bin/alerts_from_sqs.plist.

Test by sending a message manually with something like:

$ curl -d "Action=SendMessage&MessageBody=Foo&MessageGroupId=m0&MessageDeduplicationId=100" QUEUE_URL
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