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Part-of-speech tagger implemented using a feedforward network in TensorFlow
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TensorFlow Part-of-Speech Tagger

Simple part-of-speech tagger implemented using a feedforward network in Tensorflow.

Done as a homework project for the Natural Language Understanding course at ETH Zurich, taught by Prof. Thomas Hofmann and Dr. Massimiliano Ciaramita. Code is based on a skeleton provided with the homework by Florian Schmidt.


First, train the model using

$ python3

Once you're happy with how well trained the model is, run, input a sentence, and see the model annotate it with Penn Treebank part-of-speech tags:

$ python3
Enter a sentence to be annotated:
The Carterfone is a device invented by Thomas Carter

Loading saved vocabulary...
Generating tensors...
Your sentence, annotated:
The/DT Carterfone/NNP is/VBZ a/DT device/NN invented/VBN by/IN Thomas/NNP Carter/NNP
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