CoffeeScript/JavaScript utility to convert JavaScript objects into corresponding HTML strings
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What does it DO?

js2dom contains two global functions, js2html and js2xhtml, that receive a JavaScript object and attempt to spit it back out as a string of HTML.


What's the difference between js2html and js2xhtml?

js2xhtml closes unary tags such as img like <img /> instead of <img>. Note that js2html still properly excludes unary closing tags. i.e., img becomes <img> and not <img></img>

var myElement = {
   tag: 'img',
   src: ''

var html = js2xhtml(myElement);

// prints '<img src="" />'
var myElement = {
   tag: 'img',
   src: ''

var html = js2html(myElement);

// prints '<img src="">'

Given an object:

Returns back an HTML string with a single top-level element.

  • The tag property identifies which HTML tag to generate. If no tag is given, div is assumed.
  • The content property is another object or array of objects to be recursively interpreted.
  • All other properties of the supplied object become attibutes of the resulting HTML tag, with their values being the attribute values.

Given an array:

The same as if it where given an object, but returns back an HTML string with several top-level elements.

Given a function:

Returns an empty string.

Given anything else:

Returns what you gave it.


var json = {
   content: {
      tag: 'input',
      type: 'text',
      value: '1234',
      name: 'quantity',
      id: 'quantity_id'
var html = js2html(json);
// html = '<div class="control-group"><input type="text" value="1234" name="quantity" id="quantity_id"></div>'