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Simple Todo


This project is a sample project for:

  • Authenticating users using authlogic
  • Unit testing with rspec + factory-girl
  • Acceptance testing with cucumber
    • Using AJAX in Acceptance tests


  1. Install RVM from here

  2. Install Ruby with the RVM

    $rvm install 1.8.7
    $rvm use 1.8.7 --default
  3. Clone the simple-todo repository

    $git clone
  4. Install Gems

    $gem install bundler --no-ri --no-rdoc
    $cd simple-todo
    $bundle install
  5. Init the Database

    $rake db:migrate
  6. Run the application in localhost

    $rails s


Robotframework & Selenium

  1. Download & Install Robotframework from here and run

    $sudo python install
  2. Download & Install the latest robot selenium library from here and run

    $sudo python install
  3. To run your robot tests

    $pybot .


  1. The latest version of cucumber-rails is 1.3.0 however this application is using version 1.2.1. After running bundle install you can check your version running

    $bundle show cucumber-rails
  2. If you wish to have more information about cucumber-rails, you can find it from here

  3. To run your cucumber tests

    $rake cucumber


  1. The latest version of rspec-rails is 2.8.1 and this application is using rspec-rails version 2.8.1 aswell. To see which version you have installed

    $bundle show rspec-rails
  2. To find more information about rspec-rails visit here

  3. To run your rspec tests

    $rake spec

Using the fixtures in your development environment

    $rake db:seed
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