Tool for displaying IR used by V8 and Dart VM optimizing compilers
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IRHydra is an in-browser tool that can display V8 and Dart VM compilation artifacts (namely intermediate representations and native code) dumped during optimization.


See this and this posts for description of the most important features.

Hosted versions


IRHydra2, requires V8 ≥ 3.24.39.

Running Locally

IRHydra is written in Dart the easiest way to run it is to download full Dart bundle and use Dart Editor.

Detailed information about Dart development can be found in the Dart: Up and Running.


Dart Editor Workflow

Launch Editor, open IRHydra folder via File > Open Existing Folder, right click web/index.html and select Run in Dartium.

Dartium Workflow

Requires Dart SDK and Dartium.

$ cd irhydra
# Get all dependencies
$ pub get
# Serve root
$ pub serve
$ DART_FLAGS="--checked" dart/chromium/chrome --enable-experimental-webkit-features --enable-devtools-experiments http://localhost:8000/web/index.html

JavaScript Workflow

Requires Dart SDK.

$ cd irhydra
# Get all dependencies
$ pub get
# Serve dart2js compiled IRHydra at http://localhost:8080/
# It will be recompiled when needed.
$ pub serve


# Build IRHydra for deployment. Result is in build/
$ pub build