Cocoa wrapper for the iTunes search API - for iOS and Mac OSX projects
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AJSiTunesAPI is a simple, asynchronous Cocoa API controller and object for searching the iTunes Search API on either Mac OSX or iOS projects.

This library is a work-in-progress, but current features should work as expected. Support for iTunes lookups from artist ID is omitted, and planned.


AJSiTunesAPI uses blocks for API response callbacks, therefore iOS 4 or greater (or OSX 10.6) is required by your project to use the library. If you need iOS 3.x support, this library is not for you.


AJSiTunesAPI has dependencies on the following, linked via git submodule

  • ASIHTTPRequest (for making and sending HTTP requests, this in turn has some framework dependancies)
  • SBJSON (for parsing API responses)
  • ISO8601 Date Parser (for parsing of dates, funny that...)


For a rundown of the type of results to expect, source documentation of the API can be found here:

Results are parsed to Cocoa objects, with properties for most of the returned data. Check the header files for data types and properties supported.


Installation is fairly straight forward, clone the project out, using the recursive flag to grab all submodules:

git clone --recursive git://

The just copy the External and Classes directories into your project, and include the #import "AJSiTunesAPI.h" header in your classes.


AJSiTunesAPI can be used in two ways, either using the delegate callbacks, or the block based API.


There are two delegate callbacks for AJSiTunesAPI, for completion and failure. Completion returns an NSArray of AJSiTunesResult objects, and failure returns a NSError containing failure details.

self.api = [[[AJSiTunesAPI alloc] init] autorelease];
self.api.delegate = self;

//Simple search, for all types and limited to 50 / US country code
[self.api searchMediaWithSearchTerm:@"Jack Johnson"];

//More refined search, passing media types, limit and country
[self.api searchMediaWithType:kAJSiTunesAPIMediaTypeMusic searchTerm:@"Jack Johnson" countryCode:@"US" limit:10];

Block Based

You can optionally pass two blocks for handling responses inline, if both a block and a delegate is set only the block callback will fire. The block structures are defined in AJSiTunesAPI.h.

self.api = [[[AJSiTunesAPI alloc] init] autorelease];

[self.api searchMediaWithSearchTerm:@"Jack Johnson" completionBlock:^(NSArray *results) { //Completion handler } failureBlock:^(NSError *error) { //Error handler here }];


Included in the source is an example tableView controller, using AJSiTunesAPI to fetch results and display them (example uses block callbacks).


ASIHTTPRequest SBJSON ISO8601 Parser