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This repo contains Alfred extensions that might be of use to others, they aren’t necessary very complex but some of them increase my productivity, allow me to do command line tricks without the hastle of typing out the full command or are just plain handy or entertaining.

Note that this is an overview of the content of this repo, further details ‘may’ be found in readme files who are included in the download.


  • Another: open another instance of an application

    another "application name"
  • Brew Installer: install brew packages with Alfred

    brew {query}
  • Clean Desktop: hide {false} or show {true} Desktop icons

    dtop “false” or “true”
  • Con Snitch: Display apps and processes that are using internet connections with Growl

  • Dump Dubbles: remove duplicate lines from the content of your clipboard

  • Echo: echo your clipboard content with Growl

  • File Phaser: A shell script extension to show {yes} or hide {no} hidden files.

    .files “yes” or “no”
  • Flush DNS cache

    flush dns
  • Fnode: open an irc channel

    fnode "irc-channel"
  • Gtime: display the date and time with Growl

  • Log: add entries to specified files, refer to this article for info

    log filename:entry to add
  • Sort Clipboard: sort the content of your clipboard alphabetically

  • Star Wars ASCII: watch Star Wars Episode IV… in ASCII!

    star wars ascii
  • Tidy: tidy the html in your clipboard

  • Traceroute: get the route to a host

    traceroute {}
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