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Command line tool for Mac.

Tail the remote log file via ssh,
then broadcast the stream as WebSocket client / Standard Output.


login to somewhere server as someone with ssh and tail some.log, then output to text.

EnteringOrbit -s someone@somewhere -t ./some.txt > output.txt

if wanna use key for ssh,

EnteringOrbit -s "someone@somewhere -i identity_file" -t ./some.log > output.txt

if wanna publish result as WebSocket client,

EnteringOrbit -s "someone@somewhere -i identity_file" -t ./some.log -p ws://

##The scenerio When the some.log will be adding lines by the other program,
the eo can catch that changes as standard output.

somewhere : server-peer/
-> tail & publish to client-peer
WebSocket / standard output / NSDistributedNotification