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Commits on Aug 5, 2011
  1. @royratcliffe

    Make header searching work: changed library target's public and priva…

    royratcliffe authored
    …te header folder from /usr/local/include to include and include/$(PROJECT_NAME) respectively
  2. @royratcliffe
  3. @royratcliffe
  4. @royratcliffe
  5. @royratcliffe
  6. @royratcliffe

    Changed the product name to MyKit for the MyKitLibrary target; also a…

    royratcliffe authored
    …dded NSObject+MyKit.h/m to this target
  7. @royratcliffe
  8. @royratcliffe
  9. @royratcliffe
  10. @royratcliffe

    Changed the NSObject+MyKit.h header's target membership for the MyKit…

    royratcliffe authored
    …Framework target from Project to Private; added public monolithic header
  11. @royratcliffe
  12. @royratcliffe
  13. @royratcliffe
  14. @royratcliffe
  15. @royratcliffe
  16. @royratcliffe
  17. @royratcliffe

    Product Name build setting for target MyKit (the framework target) an…

    royratcliffe authored
    …d changed from $(TARGET_NAME) to MyKit
  18. @royratcliffe
  19. @royratcliffe

    Initial Commit

    royratcliffe authored
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