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Nodelike is a weekend hack to implement a roughly Node.JS-compatible interface using JavaScriptCore.framework on iOS 7 and OS X Mavericks.

(JavaScriptCore hasn't been available before iOS 7, and on OS X the project makes extensive use of the newly-updated 10.9-only Objective-C API. Previously on 10.8 there existed only a very low-level and very verbose C API.)

This is currently in a very incomplete state, and not viable for serious use. It could, however, become usable over the following weeks.

demo time

The goals

  • to be drop-in compatible with the current nodejs master
  • to be very lightweight
  • to reuse javascript code from node (/lib)
  • to provide the most minimal binding that is possible (via libuv)
  • NOT to archieve Node.js performance (this is meant as a client-side, not a server-side application)
  • NOT to be backwards-compatible (nodejs cutting edge and newest iOS/OS X required)

How to compile the demo app

You first need to fetch the nodejs submodule. Do so by:

  1. git submodule init
  2. git submodule update

Afterwards, just open NodelikeDemo.xcodeproj, build the app and you're all set!

How to use the demo app

You can enter Javascript code into the TextView and execute that via a tap on the Execute button. After each execution, the result of the global variable _ is pasted into the TextView. So to get the result of an addition, do: _ = 1 + 3.2. To print a variable: _ = JSON.stringify(process.argv).

Have fun!

What's working right now

  • process: .cwd(), .chdir(), .argv, .env, .exit(), .nextTick()
  • require() for native modules
  • fs: open, close, readdir
  • util
  • url
  • events
  • path
  • stream
  • querystring
  • punycode
  • assert