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Raison d'être

The cure to the common cold NSObject's flawed implementation of

- (BOOL)conformsToProtocol:(Protocol *)aProtocol;

which Apple boasts..

Returns YES if the receiving class conforms to aProtocol, NO otherwise. This method works identically to the conformsToProtocol: class method declared in NSObject. It's provided as a convenience so that you don't need to get the class object to find out whether an instance can respond to a given set of messages.

While this all sounds great... In reality... ALL it does is look for the object's declaration of conformance, i.e. <SomeProtcol>. This.. is.. ghetto. if ([myButt respondsToSelector:@selector(wipe:withBabyWipes)]) [myButt wipe:self withBabyWipes:YES]; blah, blah, blah... is like, sooo tiresome - especially since myButt CLAIMS to conform to <MyButtWipingProtocol>. Here is my solution. Given the protocol...

@protocol StrictProtocol 
- (void) unspecifiedMethod;
 @property (readonly) id requiredMethod;
 - (void) optionalMethod;        

and some objects that claim to conform to it..

@interface  NonComformantObject : NSObject <StrictProtocol>  @end
@interface SemiComformantObject : NonComformantObject        @end
@interface     ConformantObject : SemiComformantObject       @end

@implementation            ConformantObject
- (void)  optionalMethod   {             }                   @end
@implementation            SemiComformantObject
-   (id) requiredMethod    { return @""; }
- (void) unspecifiedMethod {             }                   @end
@implementation            NonComformantObject               @end

ConformantObject      * strict;
SemiComformantObject  * semi;
NonComformantObject   * non;
Protocol              * proto = @protocol(StrictProtocol);

you can now safely test, cache the results of, and act knowing if the class, or it's ancestors ACTUALLY implement a protocol's methods.


/* "non" doesn't implement ANY of the declared methods! */
[non implementsProtocol:proto];         -> NO;
[non implementsFullProtocol:proto];     -> NO;

/* "semi" doesn't implement the @optional methods */
[semi implementsProtocol:proto];        -> YES;
[semi implementsFullProtocol:proto];    -> NO;  

/* "strict" implements ALL, ie the @optional, @required, and the "unspecified" methods */
[strict implementsProtocol:proto];      -> YES;
[strict implementsFullProtocol:proto];  -> YES; 

Results of previously fetched conformance info are cached (for speed?). If desired, you can summon them, unto an NSDictionary via..

[SomeClass cachedConformance];


  • Supported build target - iOS 2.0+ / Mac OS 10.5+ (Xcode 2.0 or greater, please)
  • Only tested under ARC - because manual memory management kills babies.


It's a category on NSObject, dum-dum! Simply add the files to your project, and make sure the .m file is part of your "compilation unit" , i.e. it's under "Compile Sources" in "Build Phase".

PS. Stay sexy, gorgeous.