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# What's new?
## mlbackup 194
Fixes issue #6: A bug in and the installer package that broke online versioncheck.
## mlbackup 193
### New features in mlbackup
- An alias named "Latest" is now created after each successful backup pointing to the latest finished backup.
- Added a new config option $MLcustomRsyncOptions that allows custom and per configuration rsync options to be used. This option is passed after all mlbackup native options and may be suitable to override these.
#### new features in the admin email message
- The admin email now contains a link to my flattr button and encourages users to make a donation to support further development.
- The admin email message will now report the start and end timestamps of each backup.
- The amount of free space on the MLdestPath is now reported in the admin email message.
- Configfile, backup source and destination are now reported in the admin email message.
- When reporting that there are ERROR backups the destination path is now added to the Admin Email.
- Report Emails now will include a human readable error message for fatal and non-fatal errors.
#### globalexclusions
- global exclusions: Added exclusion of TimeMachine local snapshots used in 10.7 and higher
### Improvements
#### Admin email message
- improved wording for debug messages and admin email.
#### globalexclusions
- global exclusions is now sorted in: system and global/usual things, Apple things, files created by GUI applications., Resorted Apple OS's, Fixed two typos in globalexclusions - Thanks to @zettt for the patch!
### Bugfixes
- Fixed the way the script handles detection of systems that need the postfix fix.
- Corrected a bug that would try to fix postfix on 10.7 and fail. This part is now only run on 10.[456]. Also fixes a bug with the installer package that would report failure where it actually did install just fine.
- Fixed a minor typo in handling of the comment added to a backup if setfcomment is installed by fink.
- Corrected a typo in case rsync reported an error to include a human readable error message in the admin email.
- Corrected a bug that would prevent the addition of a human readable error message when there were warnings or errors during the backup.
### mlbackup
- Added error message 127 "Rsync not found on remote machine, probably mlbackup not installed." - Thanks to Yene for the patch!
- Corrected a typo in the README.
- Updated MLinfoURL to point users to github for updates instead of
- Improved stability: Quoted a few file variables. These are extremley unlikely (if possible at all) to contain spaces but for safety reasons they were quoted.
- More robust detection of concurrent invocation of mlbackup with the same config file.
- More robust detection of the most recent backup to refer to for hard links.
- Improved handling and cleanup of OLD, ERROR and crashed backups that leave a .pid tag and .noindex folder.
- More robust detection of which backups to rotate.
## License changed to "Modified BSD license"
- We're no longer using the GPL license, but from mlbackup-190 on we're using the more permissive Modified BSD license (also known as "3-clause BSD license") A copy of the license is included with mlbackup.
## rsync 3.0.9
- Updated bundled rsync 3 to 3.0.9
- For detailed information what is new in rsync 3.0.9 see rsync-3.0.9-NEWS.txt
## mlbackup 160
- Fixes issue 1, a bug that would try to send mail even if MLAdminEmail was empty.
- Growl notifications are now less verbose in the logs if Growl somehow misbehaves.
## rsync 3.0.8
- Updated bundled rsync 3 to 3.0.8
- Fixes a bug with rsync and libiconv that could occur on 32-bit PPC systems under 10.4.
- For detailed information what is new in rsync 3.0.8 see rsync-3.0.8-NEWS.txt
## mlbackup 157
- First new release of mlbackup that is now hosted on [GitHub](
- mlbackup now requires the bundled rsync 3.0.7, be sure to update all your Macs to the new release.
- Rotating Backups should now be slightly faster.
### rsync 3.0.7
- Updated bundled rsync 3 to 3.0.7
- Bundled rsync 3 now comes optimized for PowerPC G3, PowerPC G4, PowerPC G5, intel 32bit and intel 64bit processors.
- Bundled rsync 3 passes all backup bouncer tests and also Mike Bombich's extended backup bouncer tests.