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gfonts - Google Web Fonts from your terminal


version 0.01


gfonts --scan /font/dir1 /font/dir2


gfonts [options] --popular 15


gfonts [options] regex1 regex2 ... regexN


This program requires a Google API key for Web Fonts. See this page for more details. Once you have an API key, you must export it into your shell environment.

$ export GOOGLE_FONTS_API_KEY='sekrit'

The program uses the key to get a JSON list of available fonts and font metadata, parses it into a Perl data structure and then caches the data to disk. If the cache on disk is older than 24 hours, it will get new data, overwriting the old files.


This program requires Perl 5.14 or later. It makes use several features and modules added to the perl core as of 5.14.


This implementation focuses fairly exclusively on Mac OS X, but I would welcome patches to generalize this code to Linux and/or Windows.


  • output

    This option modifies what output is shown. By default, the only thing shown is the font family name. The option may be repeated multiple times. Other available fields are:

    • files

      Show the download urls by weight/variant.

    • variants

      Show the available weights/variant type faces.

    • version

      Show the current font version.

    • lastModified

      Show the last date the font was modified.

    • subsets

      Show the available character sets

    • all

      Show everything above.

  • variant

    Filter downloads or css output by adding variants. By default the only variant is 'regular' which is not always available for every font family. This option may be given multiple times.

  • verbose

    Show verbose output when downloading font(s).

  • download

    Download matching fonts/variants into the current working directory.

  • css

    Output HTML stylesheet links to STDOUT for matching font families and variants.

  • scan

    Scan (optional given) font folders for web font names and compare the on disk time to the lastModified attribute. If the lastModified attribute is newer, output a message. By default this scans ~/Library/Fonts.

  • popular

    Instead of scanning for a specific regex, display the N (default is 10) most popular fonts.

EXAMPLES "^Open Sans"

Show all font names that start with the pattern 'Open Sans' --output all "^Open Sans$"

Find the font that exactly matches 'Open Sans' and display all of its metadata. "^A"

Show all font names that begin with the letter 'A' --download "^A"

Show all the font names that being with 'A' and download them into the current directory.


Mark Allen


This software is copyright (c) 2013 by Mark Allen.

This is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as the Perl 5 programming language system itself.