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+Perl 5 Porters Weekly: August 27-September 2, 2012
+Welcome to Perl 5 Porters Weekly, a summary of the email traffic on the perl5-porters email list.
+The smartmatch discussion continues to be very popular, so its summary will go at the end
+of this post. There was also a very long, very tedious thread about how Perl ought to handle
+UTF-8 output which almost demonstrated [Godwin's Law]('s_law)
+(the longer a thread continues, the higher the liklihood someone will call someone else a Nazi.)
+If you're reading this on my [blog]( or somewhere else on the web, you
+can now find the summaries in Markdown format in
+[this github repository](
+Also, since there seems to be influx of new readers, ohai! I started writing these summaries
+after YAPC::NA 2012 after having a breakfast conversation with Gabor Szabo. If you don't already
+read his [Perl Weekly]( email newsletter, you really ought to sign
+up for it.
+Topics this week include:
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-Archive of my Perl 5 Porters Weekly summaries
+This repository is an archive of my weekly Perl 5 Porters email traffic summaries. Originally I
+wrote these in HTML and posted them directly on my blog, but now I create a Markdown formatted
+summary and then convert that into HTML for distribution on my blog and mirrors on
+The archive is organized by year/month/
+So a summary that covers August 27-September 2, 2012 would be found in

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