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+Perl 5 Porters Weekly: August 5-11, 2013
+Welcome to Perl 5 Porters Weekly, a summary of the email traffic of the
+perl5-porters email list.
+Topics this week include:
+* perl 5.18.1-RC3 is now available
+* perldoc perlre does not appear to mention /r
+* Perl 5.18 and Regexp::Grammars
+* "\\c\\" is a syntax error
+* Apologies and good news
+* postfix dereference syntax
+* Cuckoo packages aren't listed in Module::Corelist
+**perl 5.18.1-RC3 is now available**
+RJBS announced that RC3 of perl 5.18.1 is available. The final release
+may be available by the time you (probably) read this on Monday.
+[Read the announcement][1]
+[Read the perldelta][2]
+[Download the tarball][3]
+**perldoc perlre does not appear to mention /r**
+Jacinta Richardson sent a message that the non-destructive /r flag
+for Perl's RE engine does not appear in the perlre perldoc corpus.
+There were some suggestions to briefly document the flags in perlre
+and point to the "definitive" documentation.
+[Read the thread][4]
+**Perl 5.18 and Regexp::Grammars**
+Dave Mitchell followed up with some feature enhancements which may
+make it into Perl 5.20 for building parsers on top of Perl written
+in Perl (that aren't evil source filters.) Damian Conway approves.
+[Read the thread][5]
+**"\c\" is a syntax error**
+Perl has a shorthand for "Control+CHAR" which is a string expressed
+as "\\cX" where X is some character. The problem is that \\ escapes
+the next character include a quote, so a literal Control+\\ can't be easily
+expressed using this syntax.
+Some possible solutions are proposed in the thread.
+[Read the thread][6]
+**Apologies and good news**
+Dennis Kaarsemaker runs a lot of the Perl infrastructure including the
+git repository and the Jenkins build system(s). The physical machines
+these services live on have been refreshed by and Dennis
+reports on several updates and improvements.
+[Read the thread][7]
+**postfix dereference syntax**
+RJBS has signalled that the proposed scalar-reference dereference syntax
+(e.g., `my @data = $hashref->{'list_of_things'}->@*` vs.
+`my @data = @{ $hashref->{'list_of_things'} }`) for arrays and hashes be
+accepted into the 5.20 release.
+[Read the thread][8]
+**Cuckoo packages aren't listed in Module::Corelist**
+Neil Bowers wants to add "cuckoo" packages (these are packages
+that are defined as multiple packages in one physical .pm file)
+to the Module::Corelist data.
+[Read the thread][9]

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