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0.31 2015-09-02
No changes from 0.30_1; marking an "official"
0.30_1 2015-06-16
Sean Rodman Allow use of Security Group ID for ingress control
Mark Allen Based on RT#99779, support v4 signatures. (GH#46)
0.30 2015-03-21
Mark Allen Increase timeout for describe_instance_status() test
Mark Allen Make sure functions which are documented to take ARRAYREFs
really do. Closes RT#99909
Steve Richards Overhaul security group functionality
Anubhav Mishra Update base to new-style URLs
Matt West Properly page through very large describe_instances responses
Igor Tsiganok Add network inferface support for describe_instances
Igor Tsiganok Add release_vpc_address function. RT#102798
Jens-Uwe Schlüßler Support tagsets in DescribeSnapshots and
DescribeImages RT#102787
0.29 2014-08-04
Mark Allen Because I am an idiot and forgot to update the MANIFEST,
5 pm files were left out of the previous release.
0.28 2014-08-04
Matt West Add describe_instance_status() call and data modules.
Mark Allen Fix up describe_instance_status() test if it returns undef
0.27 2014-07-31
Stephen Day Added egress rules to describe_security_groups
Stephen Day Add allocate_vpc_address plus minor documentation changes.
0.26 2014-07-23
Jennine Townsend Allow undef in block device mappings
Stephen Day Bump API to version '2014-06-15'
Stephen Day Add encrypted volume support
Stephen Day Remove outdated instance list in docs
0.25 2014-07-02
Steve Caldwell Support VolumeType param to BlockDeviceMapping
Mark Allen Fix POD to use proper case for arguments in
register_image (RT #88379)
Mark Allen Return undef when no new console output is available
from the get_console_output call instead of returning
garbage. (RT #67748)
Mark Allen Fix delete_security_group() failing test
0.24 2013-12-08
Jim Browne Add filter support to describe_snapshots
Jim Browne Add support for IAM roles (RT #81664)
Graham Knop Add stringification overloads to errors
Graham Knop Follow Amazon's signing rules more closely
Jim Browne Fix a spurious warn
Masaaki Hirose Support BlockDeviceMapping in create_image
Jim Browne Support IAM roles in run_instances
Vincert K Add optional parameter 'AddressingType' to run_instance
Brett Paden Tweak run_instance method to use group_id
0.23 2013-01-01
Mark Allen Decouple CIDR IPs from security groups (RT #80427)
Mark Allen Allow undefs in region name (RT #81513)
Etienne Michon Allow undefs in group_name (Github PR #16)
Mark Allen Add AllocationId support for VPC/EIP (RT #82139)
0.22 2012-10-26
Mark Allen Use AWS signature v2 and SSL by default (RT #80407)
Mark Allen Add URI::Escape, POSIX, Digest::SHA dependencies
for signature v2. LWP::Protocol::https now required
for SSL support.
0.21 2012-10-22
Mark Allen Allow undef or arrayref in AvailabilityZone
Mark Phillips Update InstanceType docs
Stephen Caldwell Support VolumeType and Iops on EBS volumes
Mark Allen DeleteSnapshot does not take an array (Github Issue #13)
Mark Allen Allow undef in TagSet values (RT#80071)
0.20 2012-08-10
Mark Allen Stop failing test
0.19 2012-08-08
Mark Allen Make filters optional on describe_tags as docs say RT#76140
Mark Allen Force XML::Simple to make empty elements undef RT#76139
Miquel Ruiz Support exceptions via croak
Allard Hoeve Support tagsets on volumes
Mark Allen Allow modify_instance_attribute to use a HASHREF
Fixes RT #78779 (thanks to Andrew Solomon for
the suggestion.)
0.18 2012-02-21
Chia-liang Kao Fix timestamp clear (RT#75194)
0.17 2012-02-20
Chia-liang Kao Support Client Token
Chia-liang Kao Support instance filters
Chia-liang Kao Don't cache timestamps (to prevent timeout errors)
Chia-liang Kao Fix a problem with XML::Simple deserialization of empty
value in image description
Mark Allen Spelling fix RT #74239
0.16 2012-01-21
Mark Allen Remove union type in ReservationInfo
0.15 2012-01-18
Mark Allen Fix groupSet params RT#67145
Mark Allen Support proxy environment variables RT#67145
Mark Allen Update doc for 0.15
Mark Fowler fix all warnings podchecker warns us about
Mark Allen Make tag creation use a hash instead of arrayrefs
Jeff Finucane documentation fix
Jeff Finucane avoid 'Request has expired' on long lived Net::Amazon::EC2 objects
Jeff Finucane add group_name to NAE::GroupSet and fix live test "Checking for running instance"
Jeff Finucane add in ssl support as suggested by Brad Barden
stanaka Accept an array for resourceId.
toritori0318 remove debug code
toritori0318 add delete tags and tags test
toritori0318 add describe tags and instance name.
stanaka add create_tags
stanaka import 0.14 from cpan