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# ChangeLog for Pod::Simple dist
* Release 3.20
Removed use of 'done_testing' in t/xhtml15.t, which was added in
v3.19. Thanks to Paul Howarth for the catch.
2011-08-23 David E. Wheeler <>
* Release 3.19
Fixed occasional test failure when tests are run in parallel
(HARNESS_OPTIONS=j6:c). Thanks to Alexei Znamensky for the report and
Marc Green for the fix.
Added "pod_handler" option. This is a callback that can be used to
inspect the content on a "=pod" line. Marc Green/Google Summer of
Added tests for proper line-ending parsing from the previous
release. The tests were in the repository, but didn't make it into
the MANIFEST or, therefore, the release. Reported by Marc Green.
Added the "parse_empty_lists" option. When enabled, Pod::Simple
will recognize empty lists (that is, a blocks with '=over' and
'=back' but nothing in between). Disabled by default. Marc
Green/Google Summer of Code.
Added the "whiteline_handler" attribute. It's much like
"code_handler", "cut_handler", and "pod_handler", except it's
triggered on lines that contain only whitespace characters. Marc
Green/Google Summer of Code.
Added "raw" attribute to L<> treelet that contains the L<>'s raw
contents. Marc Green/Google Summer of Code.
Pod directives autoclosed by Pod::Simple are now denoted as such
by the new "fake_closer" attribue. Marc Green/Google Summer of
Fixed incompatibility with Pod::Simple::HTMLBatch in
Pod::Simple::XHTML. Patch by Eric Johnson.
2011-07-16 David E. Wheeler <>
* Release 3.18
Pod::Simple now properly parses Pod files using Mac OS Classic line-
endings (\r). Marc Green/Google Summer of Code.
Fixed test failure in 't/search50.t when the test finds a .pod but
the module is in a .pm. Thanks to the cpan-testers who reported
this when the test searched for Capture::Tiny.
2011-07-09 David E. Wheeler <>
* Release 3.17
Documented tertiary methods. Patch from Shawn H Corey.
Added "backlink" option to Pod::Simple::XHTML. Thanks to Marc
Green/Google Summer of Code for the pull request.
Typos fixed in Pod::Simple::HTMLBatch. Reported by Shawn H Corey.
Fixed quoting of value returned by a "strip_verbatim_indent()"
code reference so that regex meta characters are properly escaped.
Added "anchor_items" option to Pod::Simple::XHMTL. This allows
text items (which are output as <dt> elements) to have IDs that
can be referenced in the "#" part of a URL. Marc Green/Google
Summer of Code.
Added "recurse" option to Pod::Simple::Search. It's enabled by
default; disable it to turn off recursion into subdirectories.
Marc Green/Google Summer of Code.
Added documentation to clarify the behavior of the "content_seen"
method. Thanks to Olaf Alders for the pull request.
2011-03-14 David E. Wheeler <>
* Release 3.16
Fixed invalid HTML generated for nested lists by Pod::Simple::XHTML
(Fitz Elliott).
Replaced the invalid "<nobr>" tag -- created for "S<>" -- with
'<span style="white-space: nowrap;">' (Fitz Elliott).
Fixed some nerbles in our own Pod (Michael Stevens)
Improved the "Minimal code" example in Pod::Simple::HTML. The key
is to use pase_file(), not parse_from_file() (which should
otherwise be undocumented, and is just there for Pod::Parser
compatibility. Thanks to prodding from Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason (RT
Added the html_charset() and html_encode_chars() attributes to
Pod::Simple::XHTML. Inspired by a bug report from Agent Zhang
(章亦春) (RT #29587).
Added "Minimal code" example to the Pod::Simple::XHTML documentation.
Fixed mispelling of the "=encoding" markup in the parser (it was
spelled "=encode"). Thanks to "TTY" for the patch. (RT #24820).
2010-11-11 David E. Wheeler <>
* Release 3.15
Removed "perlpod.pod" and "perlpodspec.pod". These now just live
in the Perl core.
Fixed stylesheet names output by HTMLBatch to match the names of
the actual stylesheet files (broken in 3.09). Thanks to Kevin Ryde
for the report (RT #56725).
Added missing closing slash to the CSS links in the XHTML output.
Thanks to HarleyPig for the patch!
Added parens around bar "qw(...)" in t/xhtml05.t. Thanks to Jerry
D. Hedden for the patch.
Improved the Pod::Simple::HTML docs. Thanks to Gabor Szabo for the
Pod::Simple::XHTML now properly encodes entities in URLs in the
anchor tag. Thanks to John McNamara for the report (RT-60249).
Pod::Simple::HTML and XHTML now strip whitespace from the end of
section names that appear as anchor names for headers (in HTML)
and IDs (in XHTML). Such whitespace appeared when "X<>" entities
were stripped out but not the space between them (RT-56572).
Make test "t/search50.t" always pass on case-insensitive file
systems rather than just skip VMS.
* Release 3.14
Removed explicit loading of UNIVERSAL. RJBS.
Reversed the change applied in release 3.09 to fix RT #12239. POD
tag found inside a complex POD tag (e.g., "C<<< I<foo> >>>") is
again parsed as a tag embedded in a tag instead of text and
entities. The previous interpretation of `perldoc perlpod` was
mistaken. (RT #55602 from Christopher J. Madsen).
2009-12-17 David E. Wheeler <>
* Release 3.13
Removed deleted test file from MANIFEST.
2009-12-17 David E. Wheeler <>
* Release 3.12
Removed "All rights reserved" from all files.
Added acknowledgements to and for
permission to link man pages and Perl module links to their sites
in the output of Pod::Simple::HTML and Pod::Simple::XHTML.
Add "html_h_level" option to Pod::Simple::XHTML and ::HTML to allow
a =head1 to become an <h2> and so on. RJBS.
Add batch_mode_page_object_init() method to Pod::Simple::XHTML.
This allows it to be used by Pod::Simple::HTMLBatch.
Fixed a regression in Pod::Simple::XHTML where '=begin html' blocks
were incorrectly escaped rather than simply passed through unmolested.
Removed the undocumented "fullstop_space_harden" attribute, which
apparently was only used by Pod::Text a very long time ago.
2009-12-09 David E. Wheeler <>
* Release 3.11
Restored code to HTMLBatch that allows the TOC (index) to be created
in batch jobs (RT #52324 from Martin J. Evans).
Added resources to META.yml, including bug tracker, license, and
Turned man page links into links to in Pod::Simple::HTML
and Pod::Simple::XHTML output. Subclass and override
resolve_man_page_link() to use a different URL.
Added the resolve_pod_page_link() and resolve_man_page_link() methods
to Pod::Simple::XHTML to make it easier for subclasses to change the
URLs created for POD and man page links.
Fixed the output of entities in L<> tags by Pod::Simple::XHTML.
Fixed the output of POD links from Pod::Simple::XHTML so that the
section part (/foo) is turned into a proper fragment identifier (#foo)
in the resulting link.
Pod::Simple::Text now outputs URLs for links created in the
L<text|URL> format. For example, L<Perl|> is now
output as "Perl <>" rather than just as "Perl".
Updated perlpod.pod and perlpodspec.pod to sync up with Perl core
(and to be released in Perl 5.12). Changes include:
* Removing the prohibition against L<text|href>
* Deprecation of L<section> and L<"section">
* Legalization of "=begin formatname parameter"
A couple of bug fixes in Pod::Simple::HTML from Graham Barr.
Added the do_section() method to Pod::Simple::HTML. Graham Barr.
Word-smithed the "DESCRIPTION" a bit and wrote the README.
Synced up all module version numbers to 3.11 except for
Pod::Simple::HTMLLegacy, which is at 5.01 and should not have its
version number lowered.
2009-11-12 David E. Wheeler <>
* Release 3.10
Converted test files that had DOS endings to have Unix endings
(RT #50922 from Steve Hay).
Skip tests on VMS where the lack of filename case preservation can
wreak havoc (RT #51184 from Craig A. Berry).
Fix nested definition list format in the XHTML output
(RT #51187 from Lars Dɪᴇᴄᴋᴏᴡ).
Added some files missing from the MANIFEST (and therefore the
distribution) in the last two releases.
2009-10-27 Allison Randal <>
* Release 3.09
Add support for an index (TOC) in the XHTML output from David E.
Add strip_verbatim_indent() from David E. Wheeler.
Added the "nocase" option to PullParser's get_title(),
get_version(), get_description(), and get_author() methods. This
allows one to fetch the contents of those sections regardless of
the case of the labels (e.g., "NAME" and "Name" and "name" are all
valid). Graham Barr.
Added the search_class() accessor to Pod::Simple::HTMLBatch.
David E. Wheeler.
XHTML output now properly encodes entities in all places, not just
in verbatim blocks and code spans. David E. Wheeler.
Fixed XHTML to output definition lists when it should, rather than
(broken) unordered lists. David E. Wheeler.
Fixed XHTML so that multiparagraph list items work correctly.
David E. Wheeler.
Fixed XHTML ordered list output so that it does not include the
number specified in the POD in the output. This is on a par with
out the HTML output works. David E. Wheeler.
Applied URL patch from Leon Brocard for The Perl Journal archives.
Fixed test failures with older versions of HTML::Entities (RT #43903
from Salvador Tercia).
Changed CSS files generated by HTMLBatch to be no more than 8.3
characters long. (RT #40450 from Renee Baecker)
Added entity handling for E<sol> and E<verbar> to Pod::Simple::XHTML.
(RT #49615 from Chas Owens.)
Fixed a bug in Pod::Simple::HTML where a definition term item with
no corresponding definition item would be output with no closing
</a></dt>. (RT # 37107 from Kevin Ryde).
Added entity handling for numeric entities to Pod::Simple::XHTML,
following perlpod specification.
A POD tag found inside a complex POD tag (e.g., "C<<< C<foo> >>>")
is now properly parsed as text and entities instead of a tag
embedded in a tag. This is in compliance with `perldoc perlpod`
(RT #12239 from Michael Schwern).
Thanks to David E. Wheeler for applying patches, resolving bugs,
and generally getting ready for the release.
2009-07-16 Allison Randal <>
* Release 3.08
Fix installdirs for Perl versions where Pod::Simple was core;
RT#36446 & RT#39709, thanks to Jerry Hedden.
Fix encoding handling for code in paragraphs; RT#45829, thanks
to David Wheeler.
2008-06-04 Allison Randal <>
* Release 3.07
Fix module dependencies, make HTML::Entities optional and require
2008-06-03 Allison Randal <>
* Release 3.06
Fix bugs related to passing $1 to File::Spec, reported by Andrew Hamlin and
John McNamara.
Applied a suggested fix from Kevin Ryde to return a successful exit
code when Pod::Simple::HTML is run from the command line.
Fix handling of complex L<URL> entries, thanks to tests supplied in RT#4896.
Fix incorrect handling of S<> entries made up of entirely whitespace, thanks
to test case from Andreas Koenig.
Launch Pod::Simple::XHTML, an XHTML compliant, more easily extensible
HTML formatter.
Add feature to parse additional text after =begin target as a block
title, requested by Adam Kennedy.
Thanks to Hans Dieter Pearcey for applying patches, resolving bugs,
and generally getting ready for the release.
2007-03-03 Allison Randal <>
* Release 3.05
Standardized all test files on 8.3 naming scheme for Perl core.
Applied test patches from Jerry Hedden for Perl core when
Encode not installed.
Applied test patch from Ken Williams for 5.005_04 compatibility.
Applied a patch from Christopher Madsen to fix architecture
directory searches on Gentoo.
Fixed a failing search test on Debian-based distributions caused
by Debian stripping Pod documentation out of core modules.
(Three cheers to the CPAN testers and James Ponza for sending
enough reports that I could work out the pattern.)
2006-01-18 Allison Randal <>
* Release 3.04
Applied test patches for Perl core integration from Steve Peters.
Added a 'reinit' method to Pod::Simple::BlackBox for Russ Allbery
so Pod::Man can provide backward compatibility to existing users
(such as Module::Build and ExtUtils::MakeMaker).
Applied patch for extracting case-preserved package names on VMS
from Craig Berry.
2005-11-21 Allison Randal <>
* Release 3.03
Applied whitespace patches for Pod::Man and Pod::Text from
Russ Allbery.
Applied validation patches to Pod::Simple::HTML from Graham Barr.
2004-05-24 Sean M. Burke <>
* Release 3.02
Just fixing some typos in the CSS generated by Pod::Simple:HTMLBatch.
2004-05-24 Sean M. Burke <>
* Release 3.01
No big changes to the main modules, but there's many changes to
the important Pod::Simple::HTML module.
Also, new modules:
and tests for these (well, most).
Some prettying up of the Makefile.PL.
The test 00about.t is a bit more careful and verbose now.
The docs are still incomplete, esp. for Pod::Simple::HTML and
Pod::Simple::HTMLBatch, which I hope to improve quite soon.
2004-05-07 Sean M. Burke <>
* Release 2.06
Allison Randal brilliantly refactors a huge monolithic sub in Code is now actually sanely readable!
I add the new option-attributes fullstop_space_harden and
codes_in_verbatim, and the two methods abandon_output_string and
abandon_output_fh. Not yet documented.
New test fullstop_spaces.t and new corpus document
Another version should be forthcoming in a few days that has the
new Pod::Simple::HTML stuff in it.
Note to self: document =extend and =encoding in perlpodspec ASAP!
2003-11-04 Sean M. Burke <>
* Release 2.05 -- bugfix version
In an attempt to stop Perl 5.6 versions from going completely
crazy, I've tried to basically turn off all Unicode/utf8 support
under 5.6. Under 5.8 and above, Unicode should work fine, and
under 5.6, all Unicode characters should be replaced with a little
"can't render" symbol, either a "¤" or a "?".
Many many thanks to Jarkko Hietaniemi for helping out.
(Works under 5.005 now too?)
2003-10-10 Sean M. Burke <>
* Release 2.04 -- minor bugfix version
* Added some code to insulate Pod::Simple to runtime changes in
the value of $/. Thanks to Iain Truskett for catching this.
* Added FILENO method to, to work quietly under some
perls. Thanks to Jochen Stenzel for catching this.
* Fixed some tests that erroneously failed under some 5.6's
because of chdir()s in *.t files messing up @INC Thanks to many
who caught this, including Rocco Caputo.
2003-09-07 Sean M. Burke <>
* Release 2.03 -- minor upgrade
* A =head[1234] command now closes any currently open =over, and
* Fixing a few obscure bugs, including one to do with the
* Added some tests for those bugs.
2003-09-02 Sean M. Burke <>
* Release 2.02 -- fixing a testing bug
* Autrijus Tang found a silly bug of mine in corpustest.t's
testing of corpus/t/nonesuch.txt. Fixed,
* I add encoding_nonesuch.t to test corpus/t/nonesuch.txt better.
2003-09-01 Sean M. Burke <>
* Release 2.01
* Moved all version numbers up to 2.01 for reasons of Tibetan
* Implemented =encoding. Thanks a million to Jarkko, Autrijus,
Dan Kogai, and many others for their help, patience, and
It's not yet documented, but see ./t/corpus/*.txt for examples at
* Added 'use utf8' to all the modules. Byebye perl-5.005
compatibility, hello decent perl-5.6 compatibility.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
2003-09-01 Sean M. Burke <>
* Release 0.98
* At Michael Schwern's suggestion, a list that begins with a
"=item [number]" line where number isn't a 1, is no longer
treated as an error, but instead is silently coerced into being a
text-item list, just as if it were "=item wubble" or whatever.
2003-08-12 Sean M. Burke <>
* Release 0.97
* Loooking goooooood. Not smelling so much like beta anymore!
* I think this might be the last version before I go
putting "use utf8" all over the place.
* Added placefolders for "=encoding" support. If you use
"=encoding", you'll get an error about "not yet implemented"
instead of "unknown directive".
* Rewrote Pod::Simple::Pullparser's get_title, and added
get_version, get_author, and get_description. Documented them.
Thanks to Graham Barr for contributing an initial get_title and
then being patient while I seemed to do nothing with it for months
on end!
* More tests.
Otherwise just minor changes since last version:
* Fixed error in Pod::Simple::RTF.
* Added new but undocumented methods to Pod::Simple:
unaccept_directive(s) unaccept_target(s) unaccept_code(s)
* Corrected '=back without =open' error to '=back without =over'
* A little tweaking to the _verbatim_format code.
* Dump routines may use \x{NN} instead of \xNN format.
* Pod::Simple::HTML now uses VerbatimFormatted
* A few changes ot DEBUG messages -- nothing you'd normally see.
2002-11-19 Sean M. Burke <>
* Release 0.96
* Still kinda sorta beta.
* Much much more docs in this version. Only a few feature
* Added any_errata_seen to Pod::Simple. Should've been in there
ages ago. Oops!
* Fixed some errors in the experimental VerbatimFormatted code.
* Added is_tagname / is_tag to Pod::Simple::PullParserStartToken
and Pod::Simple::PullParserEndToken
* Added RTFDEFLANG stuff to Pod::Simple::RTF.
2002-11-10 Sean M. Burke <>
* Release 0.95
* Beta release. Much documentation still to write, many features
still to add. The APIs might change in future versions.
* Now including perlpod and perlpodspec in the dist.
* Pod::Simple -- added parse_from_file
* Pod::Simple::RTF -- minor style changes, and minor change to the
RTF-wrapping logic.
* Pod::Simple::BlackBox -- a =cut opening a block is no longer a
fatal(ish) error.
* Pod::Simple::BlackBox -- added experimental new
VerbatimFormatted stuff.
2002-10-16 Sean M. Burke <>
* Release 0.94
* Beta release. Much documentation still to write, many features
still to add. The APIs might change in future versions.
* Pod::Simple::RTF -- minor style tweaks
* Pod::Simple::PullParserEndToken and ::PullParserStartToken --
added ->tag as an alias for ->tagname.
* Pod::Simple and Pod::Simple::BlackBox -- added tolerance for
"=item * Foo" as a variant syntax for "=item *\n\nFoo". Tests
added/changed accordingly.
* Pod::Simple::HTML -- added <a name="..."> stuff, and a hack at
doing something with X<...>'s.
2002-09-29 Sean M. Burke <>
* Release 0.93
* Beta release. Much documentation still to write, many features
still to add. The APIs might change in future versions.
* Pod::Simple -- added errors_seen attribute
* Pod::Simple::HTML -- added support for =for HTML ... directives,
and =extend directives.
* Oh, and I added Pod::Simple::RTF in 0.92 but forgot to note it
until now.
2002-09-29 Sean M. Burke <>
* Release 0.92
* Beta release. Much documentation still to write, many features
still to add. The APIs might change in future versions.
* Fixing bungled distribution.
2002-09-29 Sean M. Burke <>
* Release 0.91
* Beta release. Much documentation still to write, many features
still to add. The APIs might change in future versions.
* Pod::Simple::PullParserTextToken -- added 'text_r'
* Pod::Simple::PullParser -- added 'get_title' and
'get_title_short' to
* Pod::Simple -- corrected wording of "Format for second =extend
parameter" error message.
* Pod::PullParser -- made its filter() run as intended, like
Pod::Simple's filter.
* Pod::Subclassing -- more docs
2002-09-11 Sean M. Burke <>
* Release 0.90
* Beta release. Much documentation still to write, many features
still to add. The APIs might change in future versions.
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