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This library provides a binding to the REST API for the file sharing service Please see the Developer's Documentation for information on how to get an API key.


To install, use the standard python install or sudo pip install pygett


Read the full documentation on ReadTheDocs.

Quick Usage

The API initializaton requires the following parameters to be present:

  • apikey: The API key assigned by for your application
  • email: The email address linked to an API key
  • password: The password linked to an API key

Example initialization:

from pygett import Gett

client = Gett(
        apikey = "apitest",
        email = "",
        password = "secret"

Getting a dict of all shares:

shares = client.get_shares()
for file in shares['4ddfds'].files
    print file.filename

Getting a list of all shares:

shares = client.get_shares_list()
for share in shares:
    for file in share.files:
        print share.sharename + "\t" + file.filename + "\t" + file.size

Getting a specific share:

share = client.get_share("4ddfds")

Getting a specific file:

file = client.get_file("4ddfds", 0)

Uploading a file:

file = client.upload_file(
        filename = "test.rst",
        data = open("test.rst", "rb").read()

    print "File '%s' is now available at %s" % (file.filename, file.getturl)

Downloading file content:

file = client.get_file("4ddfds", 0)
open("myCopy.txt", "wb").write(file.contents())


Copyright (C) 2011 by Mark Allen. You may use this library under the terms and conditions of the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for full information.

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