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Official editor for Amethyst
Vue Rust JavaScript CSS HTML
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nothingismagick Feat/playground (#5)
* feat(interface): with searchable tree

* feat(interface): color work, with fab

* feat(ie11): set compat flag

* feat(ie11): add compat flag

* feat(logo): add logo as png

* chore(deps): update

* feat(menu): add menubar with icons

* feat(menu): red/yellow/green dots on mac now go grey on blur

* feat(menu): perfect MacButton interaction & style (PNG based)

* feat(tauri): add tauri.js temporarily

* feat(mac): more buttons work, fix tauri resource

* feat(customTauri): get Custom Command to work

* feat(customTauri): revise button for custom command
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editor-testing-project Update Amethyst.toml to the current data format. Oct 5, 2019
repo-content fix image Sep 21, 2019
ui Feat/playground (#5) Oct 5, 2019
.gitignore Init Tauri Sep 21, 2019 feat(quasar) create vanilla quasar app, hook tauri, make readme Sep 21, 2019



This is the official Editor for Amethyst

Dev guide

You must have Rust, cargo, Node 10+, Yarn/NPM already installed.

This process will be changing imminently.

To run:

$ cd ui && yarn
$ quasar dev

note the port that quasar launches on, eg. :8080

edit ui/tauri.conf.js

    build: {
      distDir: distDir,
      APP_URL: 'http://localhost:8080'  // must use a localhost server for now


$ tauri dev
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