JS class for managing URL parameters, adding easily to links, etc.
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A JavaScript (ES6) class for managing URL parameters, adding easily to links, etc.

After adding this class to your project, you can use the following methods to manage URL parameters and easily add them to URLs.

Creating an instance

test = new URLParam();

Adding a parameter

test.addParam("utm_source", "Facebook");

Removing a parameter


Adding and then modifying a previously existing parameter

test.addParam("utm_content", "logolink");
test.addParam("utm_content", "textlink");

Let's see how it handles adding parameters to URLs we provide:

// returns "https://mrandrewmills.com/?utm_content=textlink&utm_source=Facebook"

// returns 

Just to be clear, this isn't limited strictly to UTM tags. And you can have more than one instance, and you can run your URLs through a gauntlet of URLParam instances, if you like:

myImgTags = new URLParam();
myImgTags.addParam("h", 640);
myImgTags.addParam("w", 480);

myUTMs = new URLParam();
myUTMs.addParam("utm_source", "Facebook");
myUTMs.addParam("utm_content", "logolink");

myUTMs.addToLink( myImgTags.addToLink("https://mrandrewmills.com/images/example.png") );
// returns https://mrandrewmills.com/images/example.png?h=640&w=480&utm_source=Facebook&utm_content=logolink"