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@@ -13,10 +13,15 @@ This is a handy program that decodes HTTP and WebSocket traffic. It uses `node_
HTTP filtering:
Filters are OR-ed together and may be specified more than once.
- --method <regex> filter on method
- --host <regex> filter on Host request header
- --url <regex> filter on URL
- --user-agent <regex> filter on User-Agent request header
+ Show filters are applied first, then ignore filters.
+ --method <regex> show requests with this method
+ --method-ignore <regex> ignore requests with this method
+ --host <regex> show requests with this Host header
+ --host-ignore <regex> ignore requests with this Host header
+ --url <regex> show requests with this URL
+ --url-ignore <regex> ignore requests with this URL
+ --user-agent <regex> show requests with this UA header
+ --user-agent-ignore <regex> ignore requests with this UA header
HTTP output:
--headers print headers of request and response (def: off)

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