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Loan Manager Android Mobile Application
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Loan Manager - Android Mobile Application (Kotlin) - Development Phase

This repository contains the Android Mobile Application of Loan Manager.


  1. Latest Java Development Kit (JDK) installed
  2. Gradle latest version
  3. Physical device (Android) running minimum Jelly Bean SDK v16 or create an emulator using AVD Manager
  4. Latest Android Studio version


• Clone the repository

git clone

• Start Android Studio

• Import the project by navigating to the cloned directory

• Start the project on an emulator or a physical device


• Start Android Studio

• Choose the option "Check out project from Version Control" and select "Git"

• In the URL enter "" and click Test

• After receiving Connection successful confirmation select directory to save the project

• Click Clone & Open the Project

Running the Project

• After running the project, let the project build.

• If installing Loan Manager on a physical device, make sure to enable Developer Options

• Press the play icon on the top menu either on left or right and wait for the application to be installed.

Encountring issues?

Post your problem using issue section

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