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%define _prefix /usr
%define _bindir /usr/bin
%define _sbindir /usr/sbin
%define _includedir /usr/include
%ifarch x86_64
%define _libdir /usr/lib64
%define _libdir /usr/lib
%define _sysconfdir /etc
%define _localstatedir /var
%define _infodir /usr/share/info
%define _mandir /usr/share/man
Name: fwknop
Version: 2.0.0rc4
# Uncomment this when the version becomes 2.0.0 (without the rcX).
#Epoch: 1
Release: 1%{?dist}
Summary: Firewall Knock Operator client. An implementation of Single Packet Authorization.
Group: Applications/Internet
License: GPL
Source0: fwknop-%{version}.tar.gz
BuildRoot: %(mktemp -ud %{_tmppath}/%{name}-%{version}-%{release}-XXXXXX)
BuildRequires: gpg, gpgme-devel, libpcap-devel, gdbm-devel
Requires: libfko
%package -n libfko
Version: 0.0.3
Summary: The fwknop library
Group: Development/Libraries
Requires: gpg, gpgme
%package -n libfko-devel
Version: 0.0.3
Summary: The fwknop library header and API docs
Group: Development/Libraries
Requires: libfko
%package server
Summary: The Firewall Knock Operator server. An implementation of Single Packet Authorization.
Group: System Environment/Daemons
Requires: libfko, libpcap, gdbm, iptables
Fwknop implements an authorization scheme known as Single Packet Authorization
(SPA) for Linux systems running iptables. This mechanism requires only a
single encrypted and non-replayed packet to communicate various pieces of
information including desired access through an iptables policy. The main
application of this program is to use iptables in a default-drop stance to
protect services such as SSH with an additional layer of security in order
to make the exploitation of vulnerabilities (both 0-day and unpatched code)
much more difficult.
%description -n libfko
The Firewall Knock Operator library, libfko, provides the Single Packet
Authorization implementation and API for the other fwkop components.
%description -n libfko-devel
This is the libfko development header and API documentation.
%description server
The Firewall Knock Operator server component for the FireWall Knock Operator,
and is responsible for monitoring Single Packet Authorization (SPA) packets
that are generated by fwknop clients, modifying a firewall or acl policy to
allow the desired access after decrypting a valid SPA packet, and removing
access after a configurable timeout.
%setup -q
./configure \
--prefix=%{_prefix} \
--sysconfdir=%{_sysconfdir} \
--localstatedir=%{_localstatedir} \
--libdir=%{_libdir} \
make %{?_smp_mflags}
install -D ./extras/fwknop.init.redhat ${RPM_BUILD_ROOT}/etc/rc.d/init.d/fwknopd
# Just in case...
[ ! -d "${RPM_BUILD_ROOT}/usr/share/info" ] \
|| mkdir -p ${RPM_BUILD_ROOT}/usr/share/info
%post -n libfko-devel
/sbin/install-info %{_infodir}/* %{_infodir}/dir
%post -n fwknop-server
/sbin/chkconfig --add fwknopd
/sbin/chkconfig fwknopd off
%preun -n fwknop-server
/sbin/chkconfig --del fwknopd
%preun -n libfko-devel
if [ "$1" = 0 ]; then
/sbin/install-info --delete %{_infodir}/* %{_infodir}/dir
%postun -n libfko
%attr(0755,root,root) %{_bindir}/fwknop
%attr(0644,root,root) %{_mandir}/man8/fwknop.8*
%exclude %{_infodir}/dir
%files -n libfko
%attr(0644,root,root) %{_libdir}/libfko.*
%files -n libfko-devel
%attr(0644,root,root) %{_includedir}/fko.h
%attr(0644,root,root) %{_infodir}/*
%files server
%attr(0755,root,root) %{_sbindir}/fwknopd
%attr(0755,root,root) /etc/rc.d/init.d/fwknopd
%attr(0644,root,root) %{_mandir}/man8/fwknopd.8*
%config(noreplace) %attr(0600,root,root) %{_sysconfdir}/fwknop/fwknopd.conf
%config(noreplace) %attr(0600,root,root) %{_sysconfdir}/fwknop/access.conf
* Thu Jul 15 2010 Damien Stuart <>
- Fixed some misplaced depenencies (moved gpgpme from server to libfko).
* Wed Jul 7 2010 Damien Stuart <>
- Made the post and preun steps specific to libfko-devel.
* Tue Jul 6 2010 Damien Stuart <>
- Initial RPMification.
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