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HMAC support

Usage of an HMAC will be optional and not the default in order to remain backwards compatible with older non-HMAC capable versions of fwknop. The libfko API will change though, so backwards compatibility will be maintained in the sense that an SPA packet produced by the fwknop-2.5 client can be decrypted by a pre-2.5 server, but pre-2.5 code cannot use the libfko 2.5 code and vice versa.

OpenSSL compatibility by default for AES usage

The legacy way of generating salt + IV will be available through server access.conf variable support and a client command line argument. This will allow users to upgrade and not break backwards compatibility from a raw SPA communications perspective.

Key generation support

Allow encryption and HMAC keys to be automatically generated and stored. This allows stronger keys to be used than normal user-provided passwords.

Key lengths passed to encryption routines - C strings not required

Specify encryption and HMAC key lengths via explicitly passing their length to crypto routines. This allows random data to be used for key information from the key generation code, and does not force libfko to guess at key length by the existence of a NULL char (which can now be part of a key).


Privilege separation support

Only two areas of fwknopd need to run as root: packet acquisition and firewall rule adjustment. Everything else should run as non-privileged user.

UDP listener support (no pcap dependency)

Since nmap cannot tell the difference between a filtered or open UDP server when nothing is sent back in response to a probe (no UDP server is ever obligated to return anything out of necessity), there is room for a mode of operation where fwknopd binds to a UDP port and uses it to acquire SPA packet data. The advantage of this approach is that a fwknopd would not need to link against libpcap and can run as an unprivileged user except for the code that must adjust the firewall rule set.

libcap-ng support

libcap-ng provides a way to drop privileges for certain operations, and fwknopd should support this.

OpenBSD PF NAT support

Extend fwknopd’s NAT capabilities into the PF world.

Optional OpenSSL direct usage for crypto operations

This would introduce a dependency on the OpenSSL library, but some users may prefer this. Usage of OpenSSL would cause current crypto code to not be compiled in via autoconf #defines.

Build an Amazon fwknopd AMI

Create an Amazon AMI with fwknopd loaded and a default configuration that supports SNAT+DNAT so that other Amazon VPC instances can be reached through this host with SPA.


Full IPv6 support

While updating the client to send SPA packets over IPv6 will be relatively easy and some code has already been included for this, the fwknopd side will be harder.

SELinux + AppArmor policy support

Both SELinux and AppArmor implement a Mandatory Access Control (MAC) layer within the kernel, and the fwknop sources should include policies to leverage these tools.

See what we can do for GPG support on Windows and other platforms (Android)

This one may be a long shot.


Optional pthreads support

This should be an optional feature gated by autoconf #defines, and not enabled by default. For users that want this, it would make for a cleaner way to implement firewall rules on the server side.

User interfaces: GNOME, KDE, Windows

Implement viable user interfaces for SPA packet creation.

Ruby bindings for libfko

Extend interpreted language support to Ruby.

ipfw NAT support

Extend fwknopd’s NAT capabilities into the ipfw world.

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