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Jonathan Bennett
- Contributed OpenWRT support - see the extras/openwrt/ directory.
Sebastien Jeanquier
- Assisted with getting fwknop included in BackTrack Linux - the choice
distro for pentation testers.
- Suggested the idea for setting an access stanza expiration time.
- Suggested the abiliy to have certain incoming connections automatically
NAT'd through to specific internal systems. The result was the FORCE_NAT
- Assisted with getting fwknop running under the Pentoo Linux distro.
Max Kastanas
- Contributed both an Android and an iPhone fwknop client port - see the
top level android/ and iphone/ directories.
Ted Wynnychenko
- Helped test fwknop PF support on OpenBSD.
Andy Rowland
- Reported a bug where the same encryption key used for two stanzas in the
access.conf file would result in access requests that matched the second
stanza to always be treated as a replay attack. This has been fixed for
the fwknop-2.0.1 release.
C Anthony Risinger
- Caught a bug where the default PCAP_LOOP_SLEEP value was 1/100th of a
second instead of the intended default of 1/10th of a second.
Franck Joncourt
- fwknop Debian package maintainer.
- Contributed a new Debian init script.
- Contributed a patch to have the perl FKO module link against libfko in
the local directory (if it exists) so that it doesn't have to have libfko
completely installed in /usr/lib/. This allows the test suite to run FKO
tests without installing libfko.
- Contributed a patch to remove unnecessary chmod() call when creating
client rc file and server replay cache file. The permissions are now set
appropriately via open(), and at the same time this patch fixes a
potential race condition since the previous code used fopen() followed by
- Contributed a patch to allow the fwknop client to be stopped with Ctrl-C
before sending an SPA packet on the wire.
Jonathan Schulz
- Submitted patches to change HTTP connection type to 'close' for -R mode
in the client and fix a bug for recv() calls against returned HTTP data.
Aldan Beaubien
- Reported an issue with the Morpheus client sending SPA packets with NULL
IP addresses, and code was added to fwknopd to better validate incoming
SPA data as a result of this report.
Geoff Carstairs
- Suggested a way to redirect valid connection requests to a specific
internal service via NAT, configurable by each stanza in access.conf.
This allows for better access control for multple users requiring access
to multiple internal systems, in a manner that is transparent to the
user. The result was the FORCE_NAT mode.
Hank Leininger
- For iptables firewalls, suggested a check for the 'comment' match to
ensure the local environment will properly support fwknopd operations.
The result is the new ENABLE_IPT_COMMENT_CHECK functionality.
Fernando Arnaboldi (IOActive)
- Found important buffer overflow conditions for authenticated SPA clients
in the fwknopd server (pre-2.0.3). These findings enabled fixes to be
developed along with a new fuzzing capability in the test suite.
- Found a condition in which an overly long IP from malicious authenticated
clients is not properly validated by the fwknopd server (pre-2.0.3).
- Found a local buffer overflow in --last processing with a maliciously
constructed ~/ file. This has been fixed with proper
validation of arguments.
- Found several conditions in which the server did not properly throw out
maliciously constructed variables in the access.conf file. This has been
fixed along with new fuzzing tests in the test suite.
Vlad Glagolev
- Submitted a patch to fix ndbm/gdbm usage when --disable-file-cache is
used for the autoconf configure script. This functionality was broken in
be4193d734850fe60f14a26b547525ea0b9ce1e9 through improper handling of
#define macros from --disable-file-cache.
- Submitted a patch to fix command exec mode under SPA message type
validity test. Support for command exec mode was also added to the test
- Submitted an OpenBSD port for fwknop-2.0.3, and this has been checked in
under extras/openbsd/.
Sean Greven
- Created a port of fwknop for FreeBSD:
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