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Package: fwknop
Maintainer: Damien Stuart <dstuart@dstuart.org>, Michael Rash <mbr@cipherdyne.org>
Bug reports: dstuart@dstuart.org, mbr@cipherdyne.org
License: GPLv2, See the COPYING file
Primary authors:
Michael Rash <mbr@cipherdyne.org>
- Creator of the fwknop project and wrote the original fwknop Perl
implementation with contributions from open source developers.
- Continued authorship and maintenance of fwknop code.
Damien Stuart <dstuart@dstuart.org>
- Ported fwknop to C.
- libfko, fwknop (client), fwknopd (server)
- Continued authorship and maintenance of fwknop code.
Significant contributions from individuals are listed in the CREDITS file, and
a special thanks is due to:
Jonathan Bennett (Major contributor, OpenWRT support, new Android client)
Franck Joncourt (Major contributor and Debian package maintainer)
Sebastien Jeanquier (Masters thesis analysis of Port Knocking and SPA)
Hank Leininger (libfko error code patch, various architecture ideas)
Max Kastanas (iPhone and Android clients)
Gerry Reno (Android client development)
Ozmart (various architecture ideas)
Geoff Carstairs (various architecture ideas)
Fernando Arnaboldi (vulnerability discovery and responsible disclosure)
Sean Greven (FreeBSD port)
Vlad Glagolev (OpenBSD port)
Blair Zajac (PPC architecture fixes, various architecture ideas)
Radostan Riedel (AppArmor policy)
Copyright (C) 2009-2015 fwknop developers and contributors. For a full
list of contributors, see the file 'CREDITS'.
This file is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but
WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY, to the extent permitted by law; without even the