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NOTES on the generation of the fwknop man pages:
Until we decide on a better way, the man pages for 'fwknop' (client) and
'fwknopd' (server) are generated from the asciidoc sources in this directory,
then copied to their respective directories before check-in.
We use the "a2x" command to generate the initial nroff-formated version,
which is then manually edited to clean it up a bit. The "a2x" command is:
a2x -f manpage
This creates the "fwknopd.8" man page. However, depending on the a2x and.or
asciidoc configuration on your system, you may have to edit the "fwknopd.8"
file directly to remove the "[FIXME: source/manual]" string embedded within.
At present, we simply remove them. There may also be places where you want
items on successive line without intervening lines (i.e. the AUTHORS section
of the generated man page). In those cases, simply change the ".sp"
between those lines to ".br".
Generating HTML versions of the documentation:
Here are some of the commands used to create/generate HTML versions of
the fwknop documentation.
For the libfko API doc, you could just do a "make html" to create a
libfki.html directory with a reasonable set of HTML pages. You can also
use "texi2html" which give a bit more flexibility. For example:
texi2html --noheader --nomenu --toc-links libfko.texi
Will generate a single HTML document. With this, the table of contents is
put at the end of the document, but it is not hard to edit the file and to
relocate it to the top.
For creating HTML versions of the man pages, simply use the "-f xhtml"
option to the "a2x" command:
a2x -f xhtml