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mrash committed Aug 12, 2012
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include other files in which access stanzas can be specified. This makes
it easy to wrap additional controls around access information particularly
in multi-user environments.
+** Remove lib check for test suite when running in --enable-recompile mode
+ When creating a release tarball under 'make dist', the test suite performs
+ a check for existing lib/ directory even under --enable-recompile.
+** ipfw active/expire sets cannot be the same
+ Add a check to ensure that active and expire sets are not the same value in
+ fwknopd.conf, and add a corresponding test in the test suite.
+** Set restrictive permissions on /etc/fwknop/ directory and /etc/fwknop/* files.
+ Current default permissions on /etc/fwknop/ and /etc/fwknop/* are too lax.

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