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fwknop-2.6.9 (06/08/2016):
    - (Jonathan Bennett) Added support for the SHA3 "Keccak" algorithm
      (specifically SHA3_256 and SHA3_512) for SPA HMAC and digest checking.
      Enabling SHA3 from the fwknop client command line is done with the '-m'
      option for the embedded SPA digest, or with the --hmac-digest-type
      argument for the HMAC. On the server side, SHA3_256 or SHA3_512 can be
      required for incoming SPA packet HMAC'c via the HMAC_DIGEST_TYPE
      configuration variable in access.conf stanzas. The SHA3 implementation
      is from, Keyak and Ketje Teams, namely, Guido Bertoni, Joan Daemen,
      Michael Peeters, Gilles Van Assche and Ronny Van Keer - see:
    - (Damien Stuart) Added support for libnetfilter_queue so that fwknopd can
      acquire SPA packets via the NFQ target. This feature is enabled with a
      new command line switch '--enable-nfq-capture' for the configure script,
      and libpcap is not required in this mode. In support of capturing SPA
      packets via the NFQ target, new configuration variables have been added
      to the fwknopd.conf file: ENABLE_NFQ_CAPTURE, NFQ_INTERFACE, NFQ_PORT,
    - (Vlad Glagolev) Added support for deriving the source IP from the
      X-Forwarded-For HTTP header when SPA packets are sent over HTTP
    - Bug fix in command open/close cycle feature to ensure that the first
      successful match on a valid incoming SPA packet finishes all access.conf
      stanza processing. That is, no other stanzas should be looked at after
      the first match, and this is consistent with other SPA modes (such as
      basic access requests). This bug was reported by Jonathan Bennett.
    - (Jonathan Bennett) Various fixes and enhancements to the test suite to
      extend code coverage to new code, ensure valgrind bytes lost detection
      works for amount of memory less than 10 bytes, better timing strategy
      for fwknop client/server interactions, and more.