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As we get fwknop working for different versions of Visual Studio (VS),
we may start making version-specific copies of the Solution (.sln) and
Project (.vcproj) files.  Though most later versions of VS can convert
these files from previous versions, the older versions cannot use those
created in the newer versions.

The solution and project files are:

    - libfko.sln
    - libfko.vcproj
    - fwknop-client.vcproj

Version-specific copies will have the same names, but with a prefix
of ".vs2XXX" (i.e. for VS2008: libfko.sln.vs2008, etc.).

If this directory contains a solution and project files that match
your version of VS, then you should copy them over the original versions
to use them.

If you have a version of VS that is not covered by any of the existing
files, you should be able to get it to read one of the older files and
convert it.  If you do this, please consider contributing these back to
the fwknop project.
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