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Updated ChangeLog and added the ShortLog file

Minor change to update the global ChangeLog and added the ShortLog file.
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commit 00dd168ac015fb64028dc87d5949d768d56a2598 1 parent c998296
@mrash authored
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20 ChangeLog
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+commit c9982963632825c6ddd2666a0bee9643a363de3b
+Author: Michael Rash <>
+Date: Thu Jul 28 20:19:41 2011 -0400
+ Added iptables capabilities test for COMMENT len
+ In keeping with the ability to test the capabilities of iptables where fwsnort
+ is deployed, added the ability find the maximum length of a string provided to
+ the COMMENT match. This match is used to store Snort rule information within
+ the running fwsnort policy.
+commit 9f93d921ebdfdfa03549aa2a7058e2b71d1b15b1
+Author: Michael Rash <>
+Date: Tue Jul 26 22:17:08 2011 -0400
+ Added the ChangeLog file for 'git log' output.
+ The complete ChangeLog is derived from 'git log' with this commit. Version-
+ specific change logs will be included with each release.
commit 859958655bc272ffa0413fe9ba4568046a7b5f73
Author: Michael Rash <>
Date: Tue Jul 26 22:12:02 2011 -0400
727 ShortLog
@@ -0,0 +1,727 @@
+Michael Rash (508):
+ New repository initialized by cvs2svn.
+ Initial revision
+ added the installer
+ began code to parse snort rules, added parse_rule_hdr()
+ began parsing rule options
+ made several hashes to contain snort vs. iptable filter and log
+ options
+ added %sopt_log
+ added some better comments
+ better logging format
+ better reporting format
+ added the fwsnort.conf config file
+ added install for Net::IPv4Addr
+ Added readconf(), moved commands into fwsnort.conf
+ changed to INTERNAL_INTF
+ added validateconf() and get_intf_net()
+ reinstated interface command line args
+ started interpreting the signature source and destination
+ added LICENSE
+ added VERSION
+ better interface validation (including NUM_INTERFACES)
+ added NUM_INTERFACES and HTTP vars
+ added dump_conf()
+ - Added several variables that exist in snort signatures such as
+ variables default to the internal interface on the firewall
+ (similar to the snort defaults of "$HOME_NET").
+ minor semicolon fix
+ removed variable expansion
+ -Added a "Snort Rule Options" section to the comment area at the
+ beginning of the script. -Began completely reworking
+ add_ipt_rule(). -Removed variable expansion in lines of
+ fwsnort.conf. -Added build_port_arr().
+ replaced the four snort options hash with a single hash
+ added regex and ipt_opt keys to the snort_opt hash
+ added iptables_opts hash to map snort opts to iptables opts
+ added install routine for Tie::IxHash
+ removed commas in log-prefix output
+ added comments to iptables rule output, removed Tie::IxHash call
+ -Handle "A+" vs "A" tcp flags. -Fixed regex greediness for snort
+ rule fields. -Removed "log_only" section of %snort_opts (these
+ fields have been put into the "unsupported" section).
+ fixed regex match for ipopts
+ added add_ipt_chains() and jump_chain()
+ started making use of logr()
+ added archive()
+ -Reworked /etc/fwsnort directory structure (simplified it).
+ -Added ipt_ruleset_hdr(). -Added ip key to %intf_net.
+ removed Tie::IxHash
+ updated to include version in snort rules directory
+ standardized on ipt_blah() function names
+ logfile formatting changes
+ added code for snort_sid command line option
+ added version print
+ -Added "sameip" to supported options. -Reinstated the
+ %fwsnort_chains hash and added build_fwsnort_chains(). -Split
+ up ipt_build_rule() into ipt_build(), ipt_build_rule(), and
+ ipt_build_opts(). -Removed dependency on NUM_INTERFACES.
+ interim commit for source and destination handling
+ cleaned up calls to ipt_build_rule()
+ finished handling of INPUT chains
+ updated ipt_jump_chains()
+ first stab at handling FORWARD chain rules
+ fixed EXTERNAL_NET reference
+ fixed ipopts
+ interim commit that adds ipt_allow_traffic()
+ added verbose mode, wrapped FORWARD chain code with interface
+ conditionals
+ fixed directional issue in FORWARD chain
+ interim commit that adds ipt_allow_traffic()
+ separated defined test on DMZ_INTF
+ added install routine for IPTables::Parse
+ counts for applicable iptables rules works
+ fixed echo statements, better verbose mode
+ updated usage(), added --no-ipt-log option
+ updated logfile path
+ added usage() text, added license
+ added ipt_test()
+ Added the fwsnort.8 man page
+ updated all --fw options to --ipt options
+ added INSTALL file
+ added install_manpage()
+ better Copying statement for snort rules files
+ added hex-string patch file
+ added preliminary README
+ added hex-string patch file
+ added help for --hex-string
+ Added --hex-string patch discussion section
+ more docs updates
+ added echo command
+ added DESCRIPTION section
+ added check for NULL chars in hex content, added sids to logfile
+ more docs updates
+ added config section for iptables script
+ added --hex-string discussion
+ fixed null chars in --hex-strings within iptables directly
+ updated to NULL string handling in parse_hex_string
+ minor fixes
+ updated to /etc/fwsnort/snort_rules
+ handled back tics in content field
+ updated to /etc/fwsnort/snort_rules
+ bugfix for not handling identical external and internal interfaces
+ minor comment fix in ipt_test()
+ added defined check for INTERNAL_INTF
+ bug fix for internal == external interfaces
+ updated to snort 2.0 rules
+ updated to snort 2.0 rules, added flow, byte_test, byte_jump, etc
+ keywords
+ added overall totals
+ allowed leading whitespace in snort rules
+ bugfix for being too strict on rule filenames
+ Initial revision
+ updated to, removed version numbers from directories
+ in perl modules
+ minor install text change
+ bugfix for number of args to logr()
+ re-ordered options hashes
+ comment testing
+ added the CREDITS file
+ added write_ipt_script() for iptables script statements
+ added in psad in SEE ALSO section psad.8
+ removed newlines from logr() and write_ipt_script() calls
+ added ChangeLog
+ added --no-ipt-jumps (Thomas Bullinger)
+ added
+ added VERSION file
+ -Added installation prefix of /usr/lib/fwsnort for perl modules.
+ -Added the ability to download latest snort rules from
+ -Added check_commands().
+ -Added --update-rules option to download latest rules from
+ -Properly handle icmp protocol now ("Undefined code" sigs are
+ ignored, and icmp protocol rules are now no longer
+ automatically included within -Added REJECT
+ tcp-reset support for tcp sessions that are to be blocked.
+ added text on hex string patch being accepted by iptables maintainers
+ more stuff for Thomas Bullinger
+ more stuff for 0.2
+ added 0.2 options
+ added tar and wget commands
+ added preserve_config() from psad
+ updated to 0.2
+ updated to snort-2.1 rules
+ removed Data::Dumper
+ added test for iptables ttl extension
+ incremented to version 0.5
+ added tar command path
+ bugfix for dmz interface
+ bugfix for existing downloaded_snort_rule directory
+ -Made only a single call to write_ipt_script() to reduce disk
+ accesses. -Bugfix for protocols that contain non-word chars
+ (such as ">"). -Added regex for ip addresses. -Removed
+ "<-" direction parsing for rule header since snort does not
+ even support this.
+ bugfix for negated src/dst ports
+ bugfix for negated dst port
+ -Added check for multiple ip_proto fields. -Removed "ip" as a
+ protocol that can be translated. -Truncate logfile at startup
+ (it is really just a parsing log).
+ added 0.6 stuff
+ incremented version to 0.6
+ minor help updates for ipt_script
+ added Paul O., more stuff for Thomas B.
+ bugfix for not getting the DMZ interface network
+ bugfix for not adding dmz interface rules to INPUT chain
+ updated to version 0.6.1
+ updated to 0.6.1 stuff
+ added --internal-net and --dmz-net
+ version 0.6.2
+ added icmp-port-unreachable for udp rejects, added --internal-net and
+ --dmz-net options
+ more verbose explanations
+ added Ahmad Almulhem
+ added 0.6.2 stuff
+ minor bugfix for usage()
+ split --ipt-block into --ipt-drop and --ipt-reject, added
+ --add-deleted option
+ added ignore functionality for both IPs and networks
+ replace --ipt-block with --ipt-reject and --ipt-drop
+ added 0.6.3 stuff
+ generic language support for ifconfig output
+ Added TODO
+ updated to new rules download link on
+ added flowbits
+ updated to standard logging prefixes [+], [-], and [*]
+ updated to Snort-2.3 rules
+ updated docs
+ added --replace-string patches
+ .
+ incremented version to 0.6.4
+ .
+ - Updated to not attempt to download Snort rules from
+ because the rules are no longer available for automatic downloads
+ - Changed the script and the --update-rules mode for
+ fwsnort to download the latest signature set from
+ ( is now offering
+ pay-service around their rule sets). - Added signature test
+ for the "flowbits" keyword.
+ bleedingsnort vs. update
+ added support for the pass and log actions in Snort rules, added
+ general support for the ULOG target
+ 0.6.6
+ - Added support for the "resp" keyword to allow it to drive the
+ Netfilter argument to the REJECT target. - Added "pcre" to the
+ unsupported list... this knocks the fwsnort translation rate
+ down to about 50% for Snort-2.3 rules (pcre is heavily
+ utilized). - Added "priority" and "rev" to comment lines.
+ version 0.7.0
+ update Copyright date
+ -IP options bugfix to match the ipopts Snort option (several
+ arguments are not supported by the ipv4options extension).
+ -Added IP protocol support in the translation of the Snort rule
+ header.
+ started separating Snort rule header options and iptables mapping
+ hash
+ moved iptables options into snort_opts hash
+ complete chain restructuring (see ChangeLog)
+ minor path update
+ removed interface variables for the fwsnort chain restructuring,
+ fwsnort now supports Snort header variable resolution
+ added --no-ipt-conntrack command line option, added check for
+ Netfilter conntrack match
+ added the ability to restrict Netfilter rules to a specified
+ intefaces, added ability to remove INPUT, OUTPUT, or FORWARD
+ processing
+ added exclusion for loopback traffic logged via the loopback
+ interface
+ updated to handle icmp type/code rules, added rule counter in
+ script
+ more 0.8.0 stuff
+ bugfix for not excluding rules that contain ip_proto with a < or >
+ char
+ Added --snort-conf to read variables out of an existing snort.conf
+ file, fixed up usage()
+ added command line args output to
+ made use of Netfiler length match to emulate dsize Snort option,
+ added negation tests for source and destination IP addresses
+ added average packet header length vars for Netfilter length match
+ emulation of dsize option
+ bugfix for negated networks
+ bugfix for icmp-type order, bugfix for src/dst ports in non-tcp/udp
+ protocol match
+ length bugfix, non-tcp/udp protocol and port number bugfix
+ 0.8.0 stuff
+ added list processing support for --include-types and --exclude-types
+ added support for the Snort_inline replace option
+ added test for --replace-string support
+ .
+ finished is_local() function, added --no-addresses option, started on
+ --ipt-flush
+ bugfix for missing space in src/dst iptables args
+ bugfix for rules added counter, bugfix for inappropriate protocol
+ mapping based on src/dst ports
+ updated preservation code to remove interfaces from old configs
+ Initial revision
+ added linux-2.4.4_conntrack.patch
+ .
+ added conntrack patches
+ added added chain keywords
+ -Added --ipt-list to list rules in fwsnort chains. -Finished
+ --ipt-flush code. -Updated to use chain names from keywords
+ defined in fwsnort.conf. -Update usage().
+ added --no-exclude-lo, the default is now to exclude the loopback
+ interface from fwsnort processing
+ updated comment wording
+ moved to patches/ directory
+ added string_replace_kernel.patch
+ bugfix for Rules added counter, added support for multiple sids in
+ --snort-sids, added --exclude-sids option
+ --snort-sids list support
+ updated stdout output in --snort-sids mode
+ bugfix for excluding the loopback interface
+ updated to allow list of interfaces to restrict jump rules to
+ .
+ added patch to extend packet search length from 1024 to 2048 bytes
+ (longer than Ethernet MTU
+ l7 usage
+ updated man page
+ updated to add action to logging prefix if --ipt-drop or --ipt-reject
+ is used
+ DRP and REJ strings
+ updated --ipt-apply argument to just execute
+ minor bugfix to remove extra content-list hash entry
+ minor sids->sid update
+ moved --ipt-list and --ipt-flush handlers before archive()
+ updated to 8 byte ICMP header
+ added
+ .
+ updated version to 0.8.0
+ updated to handle the string match extension in the 2.6.14 kernel
+ 0.8.1 stuff
+ added uname command
+ .
+ 0.8.1
+ added hostname to doc section
+ Initial revision
+ rpm package
+ .
+ format fixes
+ .
+ updated to Snort-2.3.3 rules
+ added IPTables::Parse module
+ deprecated old IPTables module for IPTables::Parse module
+ -Updated to use perl module installation strategy from fwknop to only
+ install modules that don't already exist within the system
+ perl module tree. -Added --Force-mod-regex and
+ --force-mod-install command line arguments.
+ added patch to fix a bug where repetitive strings could not be
+ matched within payload data except at specific offests
+ updates for 0.8.2 release
+ started on 0.8.2 stuff
+ added code to detect whether a previously seen state rule applies to
+ the current rule in the policy
+ -Added --dumper mode to use Data::Dumper to print Snort rule hashes
+ and corresponding matching Netfilter rules. This is useful to
+ help diagnose IPTables::Parse to see how fwsnort is doing
+ w.r.t. matching Snort rules to Netfilter rules. -Added
+ 'ack' Snort rule option to the unsupported options in fwsnort.
+ The --log-tcp-sequence iptables argument does log
+ acknowledgment numbers however (psad can make use of them).
+ -Re-worked how fwsnort parses Netfilter policies to use the new
+ IPTables::Parse module (which returns an array of hash refs for
+ each set of rules in a Netfilter chain). -Added code see
+ if state rules apply to current Netfilter rule. -Added support
+ for OUTPUT chain.
+ bumped version to 0.8.2
+ minor bugfix for Dumper() function call in print() statement
+ updated to same format as the psad CREDITS file
+ updated to use Net::RawIP
+ switched to require Net::RawIP so a normal user can check proper
+ compilation, removed unnecessary msg var
+ updated snort sig comment
+ added GPL and standard header text
+ added Id tag expansion
+ Added cd_rpmbuilder script to make it easy to automatically build
+ fwsnort RPM files
+ minor opendir shift fix
+ backdoor update for Matrix 2.0 sig
+ minor opendir shift fix
+ linux-2.6 and string matching note
+ Added README.RPM file for automated cd_rpmbuilder
+ updated TCP header length
+ - Added ipt-file argument to allow an iptables policy to be read from
+ a file. - Added --Dump-ipt and --Dump-snort to allow iptables
+ and snort rules to be dumped to STDOUT. - Additional
+ code cleanups to better handle chain names. - Added file
+ revision
+ updated to latest version from psad project
+ minor doc updates
+ bugfix to not print duplicate rules in --Dump-ipt and --Dump-snort
+ modes
+ added bleeding-all.rules
+ more 0.8.2 stuff
+ more 0.8.2 stuff
+ 0.8.2 release
+ 0.8.2 release date
+ minor fixes for the buildroot and cwd path
+ updated to 0.8.2 changes
+ Added Revision tag expansion
+ updated to force install of IPTables::Parse
+ added comment match support for msg fields, added --ipt-rule-nums to
+ include rule numbers within fwsnort logging prefixes
+ updated to include iptables rule numbers by default (can be disabled
+ with --no-ipt-rule-nums)
+ updated to latest Bleeding Snort rules
+ documentation updates for comment and rule num options
+ minor comment update
+ added --include-regex and --exclude-regex command line args
+ save command line args
+ updated to print the entire Snort rule as a comment in the
+ script without having to use --verbose
+ 0.9.0 additions
+ added generation timestamp to
+ 0.9.0 additions
+ implemented true whitelist/blacklist functionality that is driven by
+ the fwsnort.conf WHITELIST/BLACKLIST variables
+ implemented true whitelist/blacklist functionality that is driven by
+ the fwsnort.conf WHITELIST/BLACKLIST variables
+ updated to latest Bleeding Snort rules
+ added -F and -L command line options to emulate the iptables command
+ line a bit
+ 0.9.0 additions
+ minor comment fix
+ Bugfix to ensure that traffic directed into the INPUT or coming from
+ the OUTPUT chains is treated as going toward or originating
+ from the HOME_NET. After all the HOME_NET variable may
+ contain an internal network but omit the IP assigned to an
+ external interface on the firewall.
+ Added "--log-ip-options" and "--log-tcp-options" to fwsnort LOG rules
+ by default (in the generated script). This can be
+ disabled with --no-log-ip-opts and --no-log-tcp-opts arguments
+ on the fwsnort command line.
+ init scripts
+ copyright date update to 2007
+ bumped version
+ moved the cd_rpmbuilder script into the packaging directory
+ added FWSNORT_<chain>_JUMP variables to allow the admin to control
+ where in the built-in INPUT, OUTPUT, and FORWARD chains the jump
+ rules are added for the FWSNORT chains
+ flowbits regex fix
+ added string match offset bugfix
+ updated to handle multiple content strings and fixed the minimum
+ depth criteria
+ Updated to handle negative string matches
+ bugfix for content matches that contain an escaped semicolon
+ update content strings like |00||00| to just |00 00|
+ minor update to put rule number echo statement after original snort
+ rule
+ Added emulation for distance and within from previous content match
+ (based on --from and --to and the length of the previous pattern)
+ 0.9.0 additions
+ added fwsnort version to comment string
+ fwsnort version in comment match
+ minor update Iptables -> iptables
+ bugfix to make sure the 'within' criteria is large enough
+ bugfix to ensure the LOG target is built correctly if a comment block
+ is too large
+ version 0.9.0
+ Added the SSH_PORTS variable
+ update to latest bleeding snort signatures
+ minor wording update
+ added the DNS cache poisoning signature
+ added support for reporting multiple unsupported options in the
+ /var/log/fwsnort.log file
+ doc updates
+ 0.9.0 release
+ doc update, Netfilter -> iptables
+ 0.9.0 release date
+ - Bug fix to remove any existing jump rules from the built-in INPUT,
+ OUTPUT, and FORWARD chains before creating a new jump rules.
+ This allows the script to be executed multiple
+ times without creating a new jump rule into the fwsnort
+ chains for each execution. - Added the -X command line
+ argument to allow fwsnort to delete all of the fwsnort
+ chains; this emulates the iptables command line argument of
+ the same name.
+ added copyright line
+ major update to add the --QUEUE option to speed-up inline Snort
+ implementations with in-kernel string matching
+ version update to 1.0
+ added URL to standard header
+ updated to preserve userspace signatures in --QUEUE mode, updated
+ snort_rules_mod/ dir to snort_rules_queue
+ Added NFQUEUE target support
+ Added support for NFQUEUE number with --queue-num
+ updated to include full command line args for the snort_rules_queue/
+ files in the preamble section
+ Added sid field to iptables comment match
+ added 'Finished' echo statement to the script
+ comment match update
+ updated to 1.0 release
+ - Bugfix for iptables string match --from and --to values to skip
+ past packet headers. This is an approximation until a new
+ --payload option can be added to the string match extension.
+ Also added an iptables test for the --payload option. -
+ Added a single iptables rule testing API internally within
+ fwsnort; this adds a measure of consistency and removes some
+ duplicate code.
+ man page updates to include --NFQUEUE and --QUEUE language
+ added --queue-rules-dir option
+ added --queue-num command line argument
+ 1.0 release date
+ added Hank L.
+ latest update from; bugfix for rpmbuild vs. wget path,
+ updated to remove md5 sum files
+ minor consolidation of push() calls
+ Added the ability to automatically resolve command paths if any
+ commands cannot be found at the locations specified in the
+ fwsnort.conf file.
+ TODO additions
+ bugfix for ipt_rule_test() function name.
+ bumped version to 1.0.1
+ removed ChangeLog.svn file
+ bugfix to ensure that header lengths are accounted for with payload
+ offsets
+ increased average TCP header length to 30 bytes to account for 10
+ bytes of options on ACK packets
+ version 1.0.2
+ Added 1.0.2 release
+ Added --include-regex and --exclude-regex options
+ added --include-re-caseless and --exclude-re-caseless options to have
+ --include-regex and --exclude-regex options match case
+ insensitively
+ started on 1.0.3 additions
+ - Added the ability to interpret basic PCRE's that contain strings
+ separated by ".*" or ".+" as multiple string matches. The
+ only difference between this strategy and the Snort
+ implementation is that the ordering of the strings is not
+ preserved, but most signature developers don't rely on this
+ anyway. - Added asn1 keyword to unsupported list.
+ major signature update from Bleeding Threats to include signatures
+ for some of the latest malware and exploits
+ fwsnort-1.0.3 additions
+ minor comment updates
+ fwsnort-1.0.3 release
+ updated to latest (last?) Bleeding Threats signature set
+ added LC_ALL='C' locale setting, added --Exclude-mod-regex
+ version 0.5, applied zero protocol fix from Grant, updated to handle
+ ULOG rules
+ (Grant) updated to set sport and dport to 0:0 if protocol == all
+ Added Grant
+ (Grant) Suggested bugfix to allow negated networks to be specified
+ within iptables allow rules or within the fwsnort.conf file.
+ version 1.0.4-pre1
+ updated with Grant's last name
+ version 1.0.4
+ minor usage update
+ minor usage update
+ minor contributor update
+ Franck Joncourt - Submitted patch to fix double dash format
+ in fwsnort man page.
+ added deps/ directory
+ minor update to include contributors
+ added code to handle new deps/ directory
+ moved IPTables-Parse and Net-IPv4Addr to the deps/ directory
+ added fwsnort-nodeps.spec file, updated fwsnort.spec to handle deps/
+ directory
+ minor bugfix to include missed skip_module_install var
+ update for Franck
+ added dependencies discussion
+ Updated to import perl modules from /usr/lib/fwsnort, but only if
+ this path actually exists in the filesystem. This is similar
+ to the strategy implemented by psad. A new variable
+ FWSNORT_LIBS_DIR was added to the fwsnort.conf to support
+ this.
+ bumped version to 1.0.5-pre1
+ chdir path bugfix
+ removed bleeding-all.rules and added emerging-all.rules since Matt
+ Jonkman has switched to Emerging Threats
+ moved snort_rules directory into deps/, switched to Emerging Threats
+ signature set
+ added --snort-rdir patch from Franck
+ added -nodeps patch from Franck
+ updated to handle snort_rules/ directory move to deps/
+ version to 1.0.5-pre2
+ removed moddir, minor fwsnort URL fix
+ minor fwsnort URL fix
+ minor update to make sure to always return to the source directory
+ when installing perl modules
+ applied patch from Franck Joncourt to fix fwsnort man page to replace
+ bleeding-all with emerging-all
+ removed old 'use lib' call since fwsnort uses the 'require' strategy
+ now
+ Added support for multiple Snort rule directories as a
+ comma-separated list for the argument to --snort-rdir.
+ bugfix to exclude all directories except for the first in --update
+ mode if multiple directories are given as a comma-separated list
+ added file
+ bumped version to 1.0.5-pre3
+ bugfix for IPTables::ChainMgr -> IPTables::Parse
+ updated 1.0.5 release date, removed perl module path updating code
+ moved 'threshold' to the unsupported list since there will be several
+ signatures that use this feature to detect the Dan Kaminsky DNS
+ attack
+ bumped version to 1.0.5-pre4
+ minor dodumentation fixes
+ added download of Emerging Threats as a tarball (suggested by Franck
+ Joncourt)
+ Added support for nodeps RPM's
+ updated release date
+ version 1.0.5
+ updated to correct tar.gz path in --no-deps mode
+ minor update to include download directory in status output in
+ --update mode
+ bugfix in strict mode to use the fact that the threshold keyword is
+ already unsupported (Franck Joncourt)
+ content match fix for Emerging Threats Snort rule ID 2007975 (Frank
+ Joncourt)
+ wording updates for the fwsnort(8) man page from Justin B Rye and
+ Franck Joncourt
+ From: Franck Joncourt <> Subject:
+ [PATCH] fixes/content_length
+ bumped version to 1.0.6-pre1
+ - (Franck Joncourt) Updated fwsnort to use the "! <option> <arg>"
+ syntax instead of the older "<option> ! <arg>" for the
+ iptables command line.
+ - Updated to the latest complete rule set from Emerging Threats (see
+ updated to version 1.0.6-pre2
+ updated to the latest rule set from Emerging Threats
+ Bug fix to allow fwsnort to properly translate snort rules that have
+ "content" fields with embedded escaped semicolons (e.g. "\;").
+ This allows fwsnort to translate about 85 additional rules
+ from the Emerging Threats rule set.
+ updated version to 1.0.6-pre3
+ - Bug fix to allow case insensitive matches to work properly with the
+ --include-re-caseless and --exclude-re-caseless arguments.
+ - Added the --snort-rfile argument so that a specific Snort
+ rules file (or list of files separated by commas) is parsed.
+ minor cleanup (href->hr, aref->ar)
+ - Bug fix to move the 'rawbytes' keyword to the list of keywords that
+ are ignored since iptables does a raw match anyway as it
+ doesn't run any preprocessors in the Snort sense. - Added
+ a small hack to choose the first port from a port list until the
+ iptables 'multiport' match is supported. - Updated to
+ consolidate spaces in hex matches in the script
+ since the spaces are not part of patterns to be searched anyway.
+ bumped version to fwsnort-1.0.6-pre4
+ Added the 'BuildRequires: perl-ExtUtils-MakeMaker' statement
+ version 1.0.6
+ version 1.0.6
+ merged: svn merge -r 500:504
+ file:///home/mbr/svn/fwsnort_repos/fwsnort/branches/fwsnort-1.0.6
+ updated to the latest Emerging Threats rule set
+ updated to the latest Emerging Threats rule set
+ - Added the --include-perl-triggers command line argument so that
+ translated Snort rules can easily be tested. This argument
+ instructs fwsnort to include 'perl -e print ... ' commands as
+ comments in the /etc/fwsnort/ script, and these
+ commands can be combined with netcat to send payloads across
+ the wire that match Snort rules. - Minor documentation fixes.
+ - Added the ability to build an fwsnort policy that utilizes
+ ip6tables instead of iptables. This allows fwsnort filtering
+ and altering capabilities to apply to IPv6 traffic instead of
+ just IPv4 traffic. To enable ip6tables usage, use the "-6" or
+ "--ip6tables" command line arguments.
+ updated version to 1.1
+ - Updated fwsnort to create logs in the /var/log/fwsnort/ directory
+ instead of directly in the /var/log/ directory. The path is
+ controlled by a new variable 'LOG_FILE' in the
+ /etc/fwsnort/fwsnort.conf file. - Added several variables in
+ /etc/fwsnort/fwsnort.conf to control paths to everything
+ from the config file to the snort rules path. Coupled with
+ this is the ability to create variables within path components and
+ fwsnort will expand them (e.g. 'CONF_DIR /etc/fwsnort;
+ CONF_FILE $CONF_DIR/fwsnort.conf'). - Added --Last-cmd arg so
+ that it is easy to rebuild the script with the
+ same command line args as the previous execution.
+ bumped version to 1.1-pre2
+ added Guillermo Gomez
+ bumped version to 1.1-pre3
+ added a -6 example to the EXAMPLES section
+ bumped version to 1.1
+ minor update Snort -> SNORT
+ minor version fix (1.1)
+ updated GPL license string to mention GPLv2
+ Major update to being moving to using the iptables-save format
+ instead of the older strategy to always just execute iptables
+ commands directly.
+ - Updated the iptables capabilities testing routines to add and
+ delete testing rules to/from the custom chain 'FWS_CAP_TEST'.
+ This maintains a a cleaner separation between fwsnort and any
+ existing iptables policy even during the capabilities testing
+ phase. - Added the --ipt-check-capabilities argument to have
+ fwsnort test the capabilities of the local iptables firewall
+ and exit.
+ - Updated to automatically check for the maximum length string that
+ the string match supports, and this is used to through out any
+ Snort rules with content matches longer than this length.
+ moved to instantiate the fwsnort iptables-save policy via
+ /etc/fwsnort/
+ minor comments update
+ bumped version to 1.5-pre1
+ - Added the --rules-url argument so that the URL for updating the
+ Emerging Threats rule set can be specified from the command line.
+ The default is:
+ bumped version to: 1.5-pre2
+ updated to point to the correct Emerging Threats rule set, and added
+ the --rules-url arg (similiar to fwsnort)
+ bug fix to make sure to add the 'COMMIT' and '# Completed ...' lines
+ at the end of the generated file
+ updated to default to pulling Snort rules from the rules directory in
+ --snort-rfile mode when running as root
+ - Updated to the latest complete rule set from Emerging Threats (see
+ bumped version to 1.5-pre3
+ - Added the --string-match-alg argument to allow the string matching
+ algorithm used by fwsnort to be specified from the command
+ line. The default algorithm is 'bm' for 'Boyer-Moore', but
+ 'kmp' may also be specified (short for the
+ 'Knuth–Morris–Pratt' algorithm).
+ bumped to version 1.5-pre4
+ minor update to include the GPL version number (v2) suggested by
+ Guillermo Gomez
+ added the ability to build ip6tables policies in ip6tables-save
+ format
+ minor wording update to include ip6tables policies
+ update to include information about the iptables-save format
+ added UPGRADE section
+ copyright date update
+ bumped version to: 1.5-pre5
+ minor date update
+ bumped software version to 1.5
+ wording fix for the fwsnort-1.5 ChangeLog
+ Removed legacy $Id$ tags (for old svn repos)
+ Removed old reference to $rev_num
+ Bugfix for --log-prefix maximum lengths
+ Bugfix for --ipt-list and --ipt-flush
+ Added test for conntrack --ctstate
+ Added the --Conntrack-state argument
+ Bugfix for --ipt-apply to exec
+ minor ChangeLog update
+ Added newer Snort keywords to
+ Added three Snort signature keywords
+ minor man page wording update
+ Added support for Snort keyword 'fast_pattern'
+ Added 'fast_pattern' support + no patterns bug fix
+ Merge branch 'master' of
+ Added content match ordering based on length
+ minor comment wording update for TCP options
+ Added 'detection_filter' to not supported list
+ Fixed fast_pattern support for relative matches
+ minor man page wording update
+ Moved GetOpt() call to handle_cmd_line()
+ Added the --no-fast-pattern-ordering argument
+ Implemented tighter 'within' criteria
+ Added --no-fast-pattern-order to --help output
+ Added iptables 'multiport' match support
+ Updated to the latest Emerging Threats Snort rules
+ Added support for the Snort 'nocase' keyword
+ Minor change to not write args in --help mode.
+ Updated to allow non-root users to execute fwsnort.
+ Ignore http_uri, http_method, and urilen
+ Bugfix to support --NFQUEUE mode
+ Added iptables capabilities test for NFQUEUE modes
+ Minor man page wording update for NFQUEUE mode
+ Added --queue-pre-match-max <num> argument
+ Added support for rules updates from several URL's
+ Renamed ChangeLog -> ChangeLog.old
+ Bumped version from 1.5 to 1.6
+ Added the ChangeLog file for 'git log' output.
+ Added iptables capabilities test for COMMENT len
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