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Recursive directory encryption with GnuPG

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File:     gpgdir
Author:   Michael Rash <>
License:  GNU General Public License
Version:  0.9.8

gpgdir is a perl script that uses the CPAN GnuPG::Interface perl module to
encrypt and decrypt directories using a gpg key specified in ~/.gpgdirrc.
Gpgdir recursively descends through a directory in order to make sure it
encrypts or decrypts every file in a directory and all of its subdirectories.
By default the mtime and atime values of all files will be preserved upon
encryption and decryption (this can be disabled with the --no-preserve-times
option).  Note that in --encrypt mode, gpgdir will delete the original files
that it successfully encrypts (unless the --no-delete option is given).
However, upon startup gpgdir first asks for the decryption password to be
sure that a dummy file can successfully be encrypted and decrypted.  The
initial test can be disabled with the --skip-test option so that a directory
can easily be encrypted without having to also specify a password (this is
consistent with gpg behavior).  Also, note that gpgdir is careful not encrypt
hidden files and directories.  After all, you probably don't want your
~/.gnupg directory or ~/.bashrc file to be encrypted.

    Just run the script (as root) that comes with the gpgdir
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