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.TH FWCHECK_PSAD 8 "Aug, 2008" "Debian GNU/Linux"
.B fwcheck_psad
\- look for iptables rules that log and block unwanted packets.
.B fwcheck_psad [options]
.B fwcheck_psad
parses the iptables ruleset on the underlying system to see if iptables has
been configured to log and block unwanted packets by default. This program is
called by
.B psad
, but can also be executed manually from the command line.
.BR " \-\^\-config
Specify path to the psad configuration file. By default this is
.B /etc/psad/psad.conf.
.BR " \-\^\-fw-file
Allow the user to analyze a specific rulset from a file rather than the local
.BR " \-\^\-fw-analyze
Analyze the local iptables ruleset and exit.
.BR " \-\^\-no-fw-search-all
Look for specific log prefix defined through the FW_MSG_SEARCH variable(s) in
the configuration file.
.BR " \-\^\-Lib-dir
Specify path to psad lib directory.
.BR " \-\^\-help
Display the help message.
.BR iptables (8),
.BR psad (8)
Michael Rash <>
Send bug reports to Suggestions and/or comments are
always welcome as well.
.B psad
is distributed under the GNU General Public License (GPL), and the latest
version may be downloaded from:
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