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updated man page and made some minor comment updates

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@@ -2493,8 +2493,8 @@ By Michael B. Rash (mbr\,
Usage: psad [-s <signature file>] [-a <auto ips file>] [-c <config file>]
[-l] [-i <interval>] [-h] [-B] [-F] [-S] [-K] [-R] [-U] [-V] [-f] [-o]
- [--no-fwcheck] [--no-daemon] [--no-rdns] [--no-whois] [--no-netstat]
- [--no-errors]
+ [-p] [--no-fwcheck] [--no-daemon] [--no-rdns] [--no-whois]
+ [--no-netstat] [--no-errors]
-s --signatures <sig file> - Import scan signatures.

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