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+The main requirement for an iptables configuration to be compatible with psad
+is simply that iptables logs packets. This is commonly accomplished by adding
+rules to the INPUT and FORWARD chains like so:
+ iptables -A INPUT -j LOG
+ iptables -A FORWARD -j LOG
+The rules above should be added at the end of the INPUT and FORWARD chains
+after all ACCEPT rules for legitimate traffic and just before a corresponding
+DROP rule for traffic that is not to be allowed through the policy. Note that
+iptables policies can be quite complex with protocol, network, port, and
+interface restrictions, user defined chains, connection tracking rules, and
+much more. There are many pieces of software such as Shorewall and Firewall
+Builder, that build iptables policies and take advantage of the advanced
+filtering and logging capabilities offered by iptables. Generally the policies
+built by such pieces of software are compatible with psad since they
+specifically add rules that instruct iptables to log packets that are not part
+of legitimate traffic. Psad can be configured to only analyze those iptables
+messages that contain specific log prefixes (which are added via the
+--log-prefix option), but the default as of version 1.3.2 is for psad to
+analyze all iptables log messages for port scans, probes for backdoor
+programs, and other suspect traffic. See the list of features offered by psad
+for more information (

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