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@@ -464,3 +464,10 @@ Lukas Baxa
- Reported bug for ICMP packet handling where psad would incorrectly
interpret ICMP port unreachable messages as UDP packets because the UDP
specifics are included in the iptables log message.
+ - Suggested --install-root for the script so that psad can be
+ installed in a directory specified by the user.
+ - Suggested the ability to have read answers to queries from a
+ file in the filesystem in order to support easy automated installs of
+ psad.
@@ -1,4 +1,45 @@
-psad-2.1.8 (12//2010):
+psad-2.2 (02/20/2012):
+ - Added support for detection of malicious traffic that is delivered via
+ IPv6. This is accomplished by parsing ip6tables log messages - these are
+ in a slightly different format than the iptables log messages. Here is
+ an example:
+ Mar 17 13:39:13 linux kernel: [956932.483644] DROP IN=eth0 OUT=
+ MAC=00:13:46:3a:41:36:00:1b:b9:76:9c:e4:86:dd
+ SRC=2001:0db8:0000:f101:0000:0000:0000:0002
+ DST=2001:0db8:0000:f101:0000:0000:0000:0001 LEN=80 TC=0 HOPLIMIT=64
+ Detection of malicious IPv6 traffic can be disabled via a new
+ ENABLE_IPV6_DETECTION config variable.
+ - For ICMP6 traffic, added protocol validation for ICMP6 type/code
+ combinations.
+ - Replaced Net::IPv4Addr with the excellent NetAddr::IP module which has
+ comprehensive support for IPv6 address network parsing and comparisons.
+ - Added a new test suite in the test/ directory to validate psad run time
+ operations (scan detection, signature matching, and more). To support
+ this, a new '--install-test-dir' option was added to the
+ script. Once this is executed, the test suite can be run via the
+ script in the test/ directory.
+ - Added a new MAX_SCAN_IP_PAIRS config variable to allow psad memory usage
+ to be constrained by restricting the number of unique IP pairs that psad
+ This is useful for when psad is deployed on systems with little memory,
+ and is best utilized in conjunction with disabling ENABLE_PERSISTENCE so
+ that old scans will also be deleted (and thereby making room for tracking
+ new scans under the MAX_SCAN_IP_PAIRS threshold).
+ - Bug fix for 'qw(...) usage as parenthesis' warnings for perl > 5.14
+ - Bug fix that caused psad to emit the following:
+ Undefined subroutine &main::LOG_DAEMON called at ./psad line 10071.
+ This problem was noticed by Robert and reported on the psad mailing list.
+ - Added --install-root to the script so that psad can be
+ installed in a directory specified by the user as opposed to the normal
+ system default. This was a suggestion from @pyllyukko.
+ - Added PERL5LIB env variable usage to the script so that module
+ installs can reference the current install path.
+ - Updated to the latest p0f signatures from OpenBSD.
- Altered the 'ET MALWARE Bundleware Spyware CHM Download' Snort rule in
the bundled Emerging Threats rule set to make sure that ClamAV does not
flag on the pattern "mhtml\:file\://" which is associated with the
@@ -29,6 +70,42 @@ psad-2.1.8 (12//2010):
ID=22458 PROTO=UDP SPT=35080 DPT=33434 LEN=48 ]
- Updated the bundled whois client to 5.0.6.
+ - Removed the ExtUtils::MakeMaker RPM build requirement from the psad.spec
+ file. This is a compromise which will allow the psad RPM to be built
+ even if RPM dosen't or can't see that ExtUtils::MakeMaker is installed -
+ most likely it will build anyway. If it doesn't, there are bigger
+ problems since psad is written in perl. If you want to build the psad
+ RPM with a .spec file that requires ExtUtils::MakeMaker, then use the
+ "psad-require-makemaker.spec" file that is bundled in the psad sources.
+ - Switched to git from svn - comprehensive psad development history can
+ can acquired through gitweb:
+ or through git itself:
+ $ git clone psad.git
+ - Updated to IPTables::ChainMgr 1.2 and IPTables::Parse 1.1 in the deps/
+ directory.
+ - In the /var/log/psad/<ip>/ directories, whois information is stored in
+ the <IP>_whois files, the IP in the filename was included as a
+ destination IP under the psad -S output. This has been fixed. Here is
+ an example of the invalid output:
+ [+] IP Status Detail:
+ SRC:, DL: 2, Dsts: 2, Pkts: 1, Unique sigs: 1,
+ Email alerts: 1
+ DST:, Local IP
+ Scanned ports: TCP 1433, Pkts: 1, Chain: INPUT, Intf: eth0
+ Signature match: "MISC Microsoft SQL Server communication attempt"
+ TCP, Chain: INPUT, Count: 1, DP: 1433, SYN, Sid: 100205
+ DST:
+ - By default the script records user answers to installation
+ queries so they can be used to install psad in an automated fashion later.
+ A new option --Use-answers makes this possible. This feature was requests
+ by @pyllyukko.
psad-2.1.7 (07/14/2010):
- (Dan A. Dickey) Added the ability to use the "ip" command from the

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