• Apr 13, 2012


    This release revserts the very verbose logging introduced in the prev…
    …ious version, it also
    enables a handful of power-user features which are largely un-documented, but shouldn't be
    important unless you are looking for them. Undocumented code shouldn't scare you, simply
    read through deploy.rb in the Gem if you want to know how a new feature works!
     * Update mapped commands to remove symlink deprecation warning. Despo Pentara (despo)
     * Add the "rpm" remote dependency. Nick Hoffman (nickhoffman)
     * Add commented deploy:cleanup task to default recipe. Jean-Philippe Doyle (j15e)
     * Teach deploy:web:enable to fail gracefully. Lee Marlow (lmarlow)
     * Ticket 193 alias task show wrong name when it is not overridden. Rafa García (rgo)
     * Allow configuration of which roles assets are precompiled on. Frederick Cheung (fcheung)
     * Fix transfer action to honor dry-run flag. Serg Podtynnyi (shtirlic)
     * Changed single to double quotes for Windows, fixes a Windows bug in the HG module. Matthew J Morrison (mattjmorrison)
     * Add UnsharedRemoteCache (copied from eycap gem). Ben Symonds (bensymonds)
    As ever, a sincere thanks to all contributors, and do not hesitate to contact me if this
    release causes problems for you.
  • Feb 21, 2012


    2.11.1 / Febuary 21 2012
    Fixes a small issue with newly capified projects, where the newly generated
    capfile uses `require`, rather than `load`. Reported, and patched by Serg Podtynnyi
    Also fixes the travis.ci configuration file to pass their linting tool, thanks
    to Serg Podtynnyi.
    You should not use 2.11.0 to start a new project, if you do, the Capfile
    generated will be incorrect.
  • Feb 19, 2012


    * Include sample NGinx config for `deploy:web:disable` (added by Roge…
    …r Ertesvåg)
    * Fix gemspec time format warning (reported by Tony Arcieri, fixed by building the Gem against Ruby-1.9.3)
    * Finally removed deprecated `before_` and `after_` tasks. (Lee Hambley)
    * Rake 0.9.x compatibility (reported by James Miller, fixed by Lee Hambley)
    * More detailed logging output (fixed by Huang Liang)
    * Includes multistage, without `capistrano-ext`. `require 'capistrano/ext/multistage'` (fixed by Lee Hambley)
  • Dec 12, 2011


    Update for a small pre-release
  • Aug 3, 2011


    Release 2.8.0 / August 3 2011
    A short release, after the last. Announcing Rails 3.1 asset pipeline
    The asset pipeline support requires an additiona `load` in your
    You can see information pertaining to the pull request, including the
    comments here: capistrano#35
    Documentation will be available soon in the wiki.
    * Drop-In Rails 3.1 asset pipeline support. (Chris Griego)
  • Aug 3, 2011


    Release 2.7.0
    A fairly substantial release. There are fixes so that current_release
    during dry-runs, (although, apparently still not with bundler.)
    The test-suite was also modified to work with Ruby 1.9.2, except in one
    where Ruby 1.9.x calls `to_ary` and `to_a` on mocks, which still makes
    error. 1.9.x has always been supported, but due to lack of maintenance
    on my
    part the tests didn't ever pass.
    The `start`, `stop` and `restart` tasks have been reduced to mere hooks
    which extensions can define their own functionality.
    The `readme` was also slightly improved, simply tweaks to express how
    best to
    run the test suite.
    * Ensure dry-run works with `:current_release` variable (Carol Nichols)
    * Added a new variable `:git_submodules_recursive`, setting the value to
    * false
    will ensure Git doesn't recursively initialize and checkout submodules.
    (Konstantin Kudryashov)
    * Added an additional task option, `:on_no_matching_servers`, setting
    * the
    value to `:continue` will ensure tasks with no matched servers continue
    without error, instead of raising `Capistrano::NoMatchingServersError`
    as was
    the previous behaviour. (Chris Griego)
    A huge thanks to all contributors, as always!
    Remember: @capistranorb on twitter for news.
  • Jun 25, 2011


    Tweak version number handling, and update changelog and version numbe…
    …r, releasing prerelease as I want the contributors to test theis before it goes mainline
  • May 4, 2011


    Version 2.6.0
    A rather large release, feature-version bump because of the new
    multiple-gateways feature as implemented by Ryan Duryea (way to go!)
    Please also note from this release that if you use Git submodules, the
    Git-version requirement for the new implementation is now >= 1.5.6, from
    previously un-documented. (1.5.6 is new-enough that I think this is
    * Upgrade Net::SSH-gateway dependency to 1.1 (fixes a thread-deadlocking bug on MRI1.9)
    * Respect "dry-run" on transfer methods (Florian Frank)
    * Add support for multiple gateways: (Ryan Duryea)
            set :gateway, {
              'gate1.example.com' => 'server1.example.com',
              [ 'gate2.example.com', 'gate3.example.com' ] => ['server5.example.com', 'server6.example.com' ]
    * Properly support nested Git submodules, moves Gitit requirement to >= 1.5.6 [if you rely upon submodules] (Ken Miller)
    * Fetch tags into the remote cache, allows deploying a tag when using Git, with the remote_cache strategy (Florian Frank)
    * Various fixes to path handling bugs in the copt strategy. (Philippe Rathé)
  • Apr 6, 2011


    Update Gemspec, removing stray line, fixing version, and CHANGELOG wi…
    …th changed from Ben L
  • Apr 6, 2011


    Update Gemspec, removing stray line, fixing version, and CHANGELOG wi…
    …th changed from Ben L