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Overtone Change Log

Version 0.6 (19th Dec 2011)

New Committers

  • Matthew Gilliard
  • Dave Ray
  • Harold Hausman
  • Jennifer Smith


  • Improve scsynth executable lookup strategy for linux
  • Warn users if the number of samples they're attempting to write exceeds the capacity of UDP packets
  • Add #'write-wav for writing data (either a buffer or a seq) to an external file.
  • Add SC compatable wavetable format converter #'data->wavetable
  • Add more file helper fns #'mkdir #'file-exists? #'mv! #'file? #'mk-tmp-dir! #'rm-rf! #'mkdir-p! #'absolute-path? #'dir-exists? #'subdir? #'cannonical-path #'ensure-trailing-file-separator #'remote-file-size #'dir-empty?
  • Add retry functionality to #'download-fie
  • Add string helper fns #'split-on-char
  • Add system helper fns #'window-os? #'linux-os? #'mac-os?
  • Add zip helper fns #'zip-file #'zip-entry #'zip-ls #'zip-cat #'unzip
  • Make #'defcgen globally accessible
  • Improve file-store fns. Add #'config-get #'config-set!
  • Change ~/.overtone structure - put logs in separate dir and also create assets dir.
  • Print user name on boot
  • Add #'create-buffer-data for generating buffer data
  • Add master mixer volume and input gain controls #'volume #input-gain
  • Set default port for external server to 57110
  • Add basic support for chord inversion #'inc-first #'dec-last #'invert-chord
  • Add beginnings of an asset management system for dealing with direct asset urls and zipped bundles.
  • Allow #'load-samples to take a list of strings of path partials as a param which it can stitch together using the correct path
  • Add #'server-sample-rate cached server info val.
  • Expand docstrign for definst
  • Add simple 2 channel recorder functionality available through #'start-recording and #'stop-recording
  • Add support for mapping control busses to a synth params
  • Automatically determine if a sample is stereo or mono and create the appropriate player
  • Add #'buffer-cue for streaming audio from disk. Also add supporting fn #'buffer-cue-pos
  • Add ability to query a metronome for its current bpm value by passing it a single arg :bpm
  • Make find-ugen more flexible - allow searches for SC name, lowecase and overtone names. Also rename *-ug ugen helper fns to *-ugen
  • Allow samples returned by #'sample to be used as buffers
  • Remember versions seen by the config by storing them in a set.
  • Illustrate that the mixer is receiving too high volumes by outputting pink noise in addition to printing warning messages (this bevaviour is likely to change in a future version).

New Instruments

  • Add sampled-piano (piano samples are linked to as an asset)


  • Add an example of mapping a control bus onto synth params
  • Add Schroeder-reverb example
  • Add feedback example
  • Festive Troika melody complete with fully synthesised bells


  • Fix cgens to deal with the case where arg names were overriden by the explicit bindings created with #'with-overloaded-ugens
  • Fix #'bus-set!
  • Fix #'nth-interval for the case where no scale is specified (defaults to diatonic)
  • Only run #'shutdown-server in JVM shutdown hook when the server is already connected.
  • Evaluate default vals passed to synths - allows the use of fars and fns to set default parms.
  • Fix #'buffer-save - choose defaults that actually work.
  • Refer to correct namespaced keyword for instrument
  • Fix sample re-loading on server boot
  • Add #'status alias for #'server-status
  • Fix :shutdown on-sync-event callback fn ::reset-cached-server-info
  • Fix hardcoded wav path with freesound asset.

Version 0.5 (17th Oct 2011)

New Committers

  • Nick Orton
  • Kevin Neaton
  • Jowl Gluth
  • Chris Ford
  • Philip Potter


  • Add new anti-ear-bleeding (TM) safety harness
  • Add noise TOO LOUD!!! warnings when output is above a safe threshold
  • Add fns to core and live
  • Rename await-promise! to deref!
  • Pull all Overtone synthdefs into a defonce statement so they don't get reloaded multiple times
  • Add glob capability to file manip fns
  • Teach file manip fns to resolve ~
  • Add #'load-samples to allow the loading of multiple samples via a globbing string
  • Allow uppercase B to be usable as a flat notation for notes.
  • Add volumes to mono and stereo sample players
  • Add canonical-pitch-class-name to return the canonical version of the specified pitch class
  • Free allocated id and throw exception if a sample isn't loaded correctly
  • Add docstrings for ugen done-action constants and default vars
  • sc-ugens can now take any map (such as buffer and bus) args and automagically map them to their :id vals.
  • ctl can now take buffer and bus args
  • Rename :n-frames to :size for buffer-info map to make the keys consistent with buffer maps
  • Massage Doubles to Floats in outgoing OSC messages
  • Ensure multiple shutdowns/boots can't happen simultaneously.
  • Teach scopes to only work with an internal server
  • Only allow #'buffer-data to work with an internal server
  • Clean up REPL output when starting/stopping servers
  • Add handy file downloading fns (for downloading samples)
  • Create gens namespace containing all ugens and cgens
  • Move more internals into
  • Rename #'server-info to connection-info
  • Add #'server-info which polls information directly from the server
  • Add individually cached server info fns (server-num-output-buses, server-num-audio-buses etc.)
  • Add #'deps-satisfied? and #'satisfied-deps query fns to examine the state of satisfied deps
  • Add wait-until-deps-satisfied fn which blocks the current thread till all specified deps have been satisfied
  • Allow longs as buffer ids
  • Make sc-osc-debug-on public (some users were reporting issues with /dumpOSC)
  • Add #'ensure-connected!
  • Make samples play at normal rate even when sample-rates differ
  • Add #'run - like #'demo but for testing non-audio synths
  • Ensure sc-ugens and numbers are allowed as ugen args
  • Ensure inst and synth player fns have similar calling semantics
  • Rename #'status -> #'server-status
  • Rename #'connected? and #'disconnected? -> #'server-connected? and #'server-disconnected? respectively


  • Add Pepijn's vocoder example


  • Remove await-promise as deref in Clojure 1.3 now accepts a timeout val.
  • out cgen doesn't support auto-rating so need to explicitly specify when we're outputting to a control bus


  • Fix minor niggling bugs in shell fns
  • Ensure osc lib fns are in scope withing server (fixes #'at macro)
  • (use :reload-all ' now works again
  • Ensure ugen arg docstrings don't lose their order
  • Fix THX example and make it sound more beefy
  • Fix drum loading
  • Fix ks1, ks1-demo, tb303 and whoahaha synths
  • Ensure #apply-at uses the playeor thread pool (fixes use of #'stop with temporal recursion)
  • Make sure a synth's param list consists of symbols not strings
  • Preserve an instrument's metadata - instrument docstrings are now honoured
  • Fix closing buffer scopes
  • Make scope draw with the correct orientation
  • Don't consistently redraw scope buffers (short-term fix for the scsynth-jna memory leak)
  • Various example fixes
  • Fix ls-file-names to only return the file names, not the full path
  • Only satisfy :synthdefs-loaded dep when all synthdefs have been loaded
  • Fix FAILURE /n_free Node not found warning after stopping a currently running demo
  • Fix ugen arg checking fns

Version 0.4 (25th Sept 2011)


  • Support for Clojure 1.3
  • Provide more separation between 'public' and 'private' APIs by moving non-public aspects of into
  • Similarly pull out 'private' machinery from into - now contains only public fns.
  • Create new helpers namespace for useful 'public' fns. overtone.util is now meant for internal/private util fns.
  • Define and use default Overtone at-at pool
  • Remove server dependence on studio.rig. Use #'boot-rig to boot and wait for rig to complete its initialisation
  • Improve doc for sin-osc-fb ugen
  • Improve doc for node-free
  • Clean up implementation of cgen macro
  • Rename boot to boot-server
  • Rename quit to kill-server
  • Make osc-validator check for actual types not the 'fuzzy' types Clojure uses
  • Add information about resolving collider ugen fns to collider docstrings
  • Teach resolve-degree about sharps and flats
  • Stop users from attempting to receive osc messages from the server when it's not connected
  • Various ugen metadata fixes
  • Various docstring improvements


  • Add piano piece - Gnossienne No. 1 by Erik Satie


  • Add some useful string manipulation fns
  • Add some file helper fns
  • Move splay-pan into helpers ns
  • Move sc-lang converter here


  • Add odoc - Overtone version of doc which gives information about ugen colliders
  • Add super rudimentary (but still pretty fun) shell fns ls and grep
  • Make find-ug and find-ug-doc macros so you can pass unquoted symbols as args
  • Allow ugen searches to also match the ugen name in addition to its full doc string
  • Teach find-ug to print the full docstring of the match if only one is returned


  • Support for vijual representation of node tree


  • Fix clear-ids in allocator
  • Don't explicitly free node id when freeing node as this is already handled by a callback
  • Fix resolve-gen-name
  • Fix cgen bug in arglist generation
  • Fix snare drum inst

Version 0.3 (12th Sept 2011)


  • Print ascii art on boot (for both internal and external servers)
  • Add :params key to ugen map
  • Make ugens store their Overtone name
  • Add Examples mechanism - defexamples - to store executable example documentation for ugens
  • Make all trig fns :kr by default
  • Update osc-clj to 0.6.2
  • Teach callable maps to identify themselves when printing
  • Make ugens print themselves nicely
  • Rename ugen type to sc-ugen to help differentiate between the low-level maps representing supercollider ugens and the ugen fns which generate those maps
  • Automatically capitilise ugen arg docstrings
  • Make pulse and impulse :kr by default
  • Create to store default vals such as the synth limits
  • Let both alloc-id and free-id take an optional action-fn which will be executed within the allocation/deallocation transaction. This allows fns with side-effects to have their execution tightly bound to the allocation mechanism such that they cannot be incorrectly interleaved within a concurrent context.
  • Add additional server sync fns - server-sync and with-server-self-sync and also allow a matcher-fn in recv
  • Update buffer fns with explicit consideration of concurrent contexts
  • Fix send-reply - it's now possible to send arbitrary information from the server via osc messages
  • Move handler keys to end of event param list to match osc-clj
  • Update and format event docstrings
  • Add summaries to ugens, cgens and examples
  • Re-organise namespaces
  • rename clear-handlers to remove-all-handlers to match osc-clj
  • Pull out spec generation code from ugen.clj to specs.clj
  • Add checking functionality to ugens. Now the :check fns in the metadata are honoured
  • Allow :check fns to be vecs of fns (will evaluate them all and aggregate any errors)
  • Throw friendly exception when user doesn't specify both the val and rate in synth params when using a vec
  • Add checks for nil args in control-proxy, sc-ugen and output-proxy
  • Add check fns for a few ugens (such as compander)
  • Add nil-arg-checker for ugen fns - throws an exception when a ugen fn is called with nil args
  • Print out :none in docstring if a ugen's arg has no default
  • Unify binary/unary-ugen and standard ugens. Now they are both callable maps and have the same calling semantics
  • Add docstrings to binary/unary-ugens
  • Add Overtone version number
  • Add at-at as an explicit dependency
  • Implement scope updating usign at-at
  • Implement music.time with at-at
  • Add lovely algorithmic piano example translated from Extempore example
  • Add other drives (D and E) to windows scsynth paths

New algo/music/repl fns

  • choose-n
  • cosr
  • sinr
  • tanr
  • rand-chord
  • find-ug
  • find-ug-doc
  • ug-doc

New cgens

  • sound-in
  • mix
  • splay

New Examples

  • dbrown
  • diwhite
  • dwhite
  • impulse
  • send-reply
  • compander


  • Fix piano inst - deal with 20 arg restriction by using apply
  • Fix missed references to :free (keywords are no longer allowed as param vals)
  • Fix ugen rate checker
  • Fix blues example
  • Pause thread booting Overtone until the boot has fully completed

Version 0.2.1 (4th August 2011)


  • Fix missing parens in drum and synth

Version 0.2 (3rd August 2011)


  • Added example implementation of MAD (Music as Data) notation
  • Add ugen arg rate checking - ensures ugen rates are <= parent rates for most cases
  • Add docstrings to pretty much all ugens now
  • Add :auto-rate option for ugen metadata to allow the default ugen automatically determine its rate
  • Make all :ir rated ugens :auto rated
  • Add list of arg names to synth map with the key :args
  • Add hybrid args/keyword-args calling strategy for ugens. Matches SCLang's behaviour
  • Unify synth and ugen hybrid args/keyword-args calling strategies
  • Separate option :target and :position keys to separate map when calling node. This is to stop them clashing with similarly named args
  • Add mda-piano ugen metadata and corresponding synth
  • Add stk ugen metadata
  • New instruments: tb303 mooger and others
  • New fx: rlpf, rhpf and others
  • Further work on pitch.clj functions
  • Make demo behave similarly to synth
  • Added translations for the majority of Chapter 1 of the new SuperCollider book
  • Clean up docstring generator. Two \n\n in a row are treated as a carriage return, single \n are treated as spaces
  • Add docstrings to defunks
  • Add information from scserver to buffer and sample maps in the key :info
  • Autoconvert any bus arguments to their :id val when passed as ugen args
  • Use namespaced keywords to represent bus types
  • Autoconvert any bus arguments to the :id val when passed as synths args
  • Add map-ctl to map a node's control param to the values in a given control bus
  • Replace java bitset allocator with Clojure ref-based one which can handle the allocation of sequential ids
  • Use new allocator to allocate sequential busses
  • Add limit for the number of audio busses
  • Create new helpers namespace for end-user helper fns. Create two sub-namespaces chance and scaling containing many useful fns
  • Allow synths to take :pos and :tgt in any order
  • Trimming of docstrings to be within 80 chars
  • Add new buffer fns for reading and writing to scsynth buffers
  • Add basic synthdef decompilation
  • Ensure :dr rate ugens only have :dr rate inputs
  • Add dubstep bass examples
  • Allow synth params to be passed as maps
  • Add support for bespoke envelope curve lists
  • Special case FFT ugen to allow :ar ugens to be passed as args
  • Add :param key to synths and insts storing the list of param maps
  • Add support for control ugens with rates other than :kr
  • Don't require console viz stuff as default
  • Print out nice Overtone ascii art and welcome message on boot
  • Add comparison binary ugens
  • Add OSC message validator system - checks all outgoing messages against a type signature
  • Add :append-string mode for ugen arg metadata - allows the use of string args for certain ugens
  • Fix dpoll and poll ugens
  • Don't send any unknown messages to the server
  • Add support for multiple paths to scsynth
  • Replace crude /done syncronisation mechanism with a more robust one based on /sync
  • Add cgens - composite ugens
  • Re-implement pseudo-ugens with cgens
  • Re-implement a number of demand ugens with cgens allowing to match the arg ordering of SCLang


  • Fix print-classpath to refer to the project's classpath
  • Freeing control bus previously freed an audio bus of the same name
  • Masses of ugen metadata fixes
  • Allow :kr ugens to be plugged into :dr ugens
  • Fix ugen :init behaviour
  • Fix klang and klank init fns to munge specs correctly
  • Increase APPLY-AHEAD time to 300ms to reduce perceived jitter when using the metronome
  • Synchronise creation of first studio group
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