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# If you want to just call a method on an object in the background,
# we can easily add that functionality to Resque.
# This is similar to DelayedJob's `send_later`.
# Keep in mind that, unlike DelayedJob, only simple Ruby objects
# can be persisted.
# If it can be represented in JSON, it can be stored in a job.
# Here's our ActiveRecord class
class Repository < ActiveRecord::Base
# This will be called by a worker when a job needs to be processed
def self.perform(id, method, *args)
find(id).send(method, *args)
# We can pass this any Repository instance method that we want to
# run later.
def async(method, *args)
Resque.enqueue(Repository, id, method, *args)
# Now we can call any method and have it execute later:
# or
@repo.async(:update_network_source_id, 34)
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