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Commits on Oct 16, 2011
  1. @carlosgaldino
  2. @jish
  3. @jish

    Making the file.size error message the same as in 1.9.

    jish authored
    When you ask a file for its size and it is closed it raises an
    IOError. This makes the error message the same as it is in ruby 1.9.
  4. @brixen
  5. @brixen
  6. @jish
Commits on Oct 15, 2011
  1. @brixen
  2. @brixen

    Fixed String#squeeze! 1.8 spec.

    brixen authored
  3. @brixen

    Merge branch 'charlie'

    brixen authored
  4. @rkh

    implement flip-flops, fixes #1257

    rkh authored
  5. @rkh
  6. @brixen
  7. @charlietanksley

    update String#squeeze and #squeeze! specs for 19

    charlietanksley authored
    To do this I needed to:
    * clarify wording in String#squeeze spec description
    * clarify wording in String#squeeze! spec
    * add spec for String#squeeze! for 1.9
    * add spec for String#squeeze! in 1.8
  8. @charlietanksley

    patch String#squeeze for 19

    charlietanksley authored
    String#squeeze should throw an ArgumentError when given a bad range
    (e.g., 'e-b').
    Since String#squeeze and String#squeeze! should both throw an
    ArgumentError when the range argument is backward, I moved the error
    into the String#squeeze! method and removed it from the String#squeeze
    method (which is defined in terms of the banged method).
  9. @brixen
  10. @rkh
  11. @rkh

    Generate different bytecode for constant opasign

    rkh authored
    in 1.9 mode.
Commits on Oct 14, 2011
  1. @brixen

    Audit use of LANGUAGE_1[89] macros.

    brixen authored
    Since 1.9 features are most likely 2.0 features as well, when conditionalizing
    VM code, use if(!LANGUAGE_18_ENABLED(state)) to guard features that are not
    1.8 and use LANGUAGE_19_ENABLED for features that are *only* 1.9.
  2. @rkh
  3. @rkh
  4. @carlosgaldino

    Merge branch 'fix_array_multiply_19'

    carlosgaldino authored
  5. @dbussink

    Remove passing Bignum specs

    dbussink authored
  6. @dbussink
  7. @dbussink
  8. @semmons99
  9. @semmons99

    patch Rational#divmod for 19

    semmons99 authored
  10. @subwindow
  11. @semmons99
  12. @subwindow

    Fixes for 1.9: Change Array#[range]= nil to no longer delete. Moving …

    subwindow authored
    …array element deletion out of []=.
  13. @rue
  14. @semmons99

    Merge pull request #1255 from abyx/fix_numeric_phase_19

    semmons99 authored
    Fix Numeric#phase for 1.9
  15. @rue

    Merge pull request #1253 from carlosgaldino/fix_enumerable_zip_spec_19

    rue authored
    Fixed 1.9 spec: Enumerable#zip converts arguments to arrays using #to_ary
  16. @abyx
  17. @abyx
  18. @semmons99
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