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Shoebox is a proof of concept Go project that ties together pat, a route handler, noeq, a meaningful UUID generator, and riakpbc, a Riak Protocol Buffers client. It currently supports three routes:

func GetId(w http.ResponseWriter, req *http.Request)
  // Get a new ID
  // [GET] /id/new
  // Success response: {'id':'209130139663990784'}
  // Failure response: 500 Internal Server Error

func PostData(w http.ResponseWriter, req *http.Request)
  // Post data to Riak and get a Unique ID
  // [POST] /data
  // Body: JSON data to store
  // Success response: {'id': '209130139663990784'}
  // Failure response: 400 Bad Request

func GetData(w http.ResponseWriter, req *http.Request)
  // Get the data you've posted
  // [GET] /data/:id
  // Success response: *Your JSON Data*
  // Failure response: 404 Not Found

This is a trivial application that doesn't have much practical use, but it shows that riakpbc actually works. It also lets me experiment with noeq and pat, and get a little more Go experience.


A running Riak cluster

With a protocol buffer port listening on port 8087.

A running noeqd instance

Listening on port 4444.


go build && ./shoebox


riakpbc is (c) Michael R. Bernstein, 2012

pat and noeqd are awesome Go libraries by Blake Mizerany. Check his work out here:


shoebox is distributed under the MIT License, see LICENSE file for details.