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# -*- encoding: utf-8 -*-
django-thumbs by Antonio Melé
from django.db.models import ImageField
from django.db.models.fields.files import ImageFieldFile
from PIL import Image
from django.core.files.base import ContentFile
import cStringIO
def generate_thumb(img, thumb_size, format):
Generates a thumbnail image and returns a ContentFile object with the thumbnail
img File object
thumb_size desired thumbnail size, ie: (200,120)
format format of the original image ('jpeg','gif','png',...)
(this format will be used for the generated thumbnail, too)
""" # see for details
image =
# Convert to RGB if necessary
if image.mode not in ('L', 'RGB', 'RGBA'):
image = image.convert('RGB')
# get size
thumb_w, thumb_h = thumb_size
# If you want to generate a square thumbnail
if thumb_w == thumb_h:
# quad
xsize, ysize = image.size
# get minimum size
minsize = min(xsize,ysize)
# largest square possible in the image
xnewsize = (xsize-minsize)/2
ynewsize = (ysize-minsize)/2
# crop it
image2 = image.crop((xnewsize, ynewsize, xsize-xnewsize, ysize-ynewsize))
# load is necessary after crop
# thumbnail of the cropped image (with ANTIALIAS to make it look better)
image2.thumbnail(thumb_size, Image.ANTIALIAS)
# not quad
image2 = image
image2.thumbnail(thumb_size, Image.ANTIALIAS)
io = cStringIO.StringIO()
# PNG and GIF are the same, JPG is JPEG
if format.upper()=='JPG':
format = 'JPEG', format)
return ContentFile(io.getvalue())
class ImageWithThumbsFieldFile(ImageFieldFile):
See ImageWithThumbsField for usage example
def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs):
super(ImageWithThumbsFieldFile, self).__init__(*args, **kwargs)
if self.field.sizes:
def get_size(self, size):
if not self:
return ''
split = self.url.rsplit('.',1)
thumb_url = '%s.%sx%s.%s' % (split[0],w,h,split[1])
return thumb_url
for size in self.field.sizes:
(w,h) = size
setattr(self, 'url_%sx%s' % (w,h), get_size(self, size))
def save(self, name, content, save=True):
super(ImageWithThumbsFieldFile, self).save(name, content, save)
if self.field.sizes:
for size in self.field.sizes:
(w,h) = size
split ='.',1)
thumb_name = '%s.%sx%s.%s' % (split[0],w,h,split[1])
# you can use another thumbnailing function if you like
thumb_content = generate_thumb(content, size, split[1])
thumb_name_ =, thumb_content)
if not thumb_name == thumb_name_:
raise ValueError('There is already a file named %s' % thumb_name)
def delete(self, save=True):
super(ImageWithThumbsFieldFile, self).delete(save)
if self.field.sizes:
for size in self.field.sizes:
(w,h) = size
split = name.rsplit('.',1)
thumb_name = '%s.%sx%s.%s' % (split[0],w,h,split[1])
class ImageWithThumbsField(ImageField):
attr_class = ImageWithThumbsFieldFile
Usage example:
photo = ImageWithThumbsField(upload_to='images', sizes=((125,125),(300,200),)
To retrieve image URL, exactly the same way as with ImageField:
To retrieve thumbnails URL's just add the size to it:
Note: The 'sizes' attribute is not required. If you don't provide it,
ImageWithThumbsField will act as a normal ImageField
How it works:
For each size in the 'sizes' atribute of the field it generates a
thumbnail with that size and stores it following this format:
Where 'available_filename' is the available filename returned by the storage
backend for saving the original file.
Following the usage example above: For storing a file called "photo.jpg" it saves:
photo.jpg (original file)
photo.125x125.jpg (first thumbnail)
photo.300x200.jpg (second thumbnail)
With the default storage backend if photo.jpg already exists it will use these filenames:
Note: django-thumbs assumes that if filename "any_filename.jpg" is available
filenames with this format "any_filename.[widht]x[height].jpg" will be available, too.
To do:
Add method to regenerate thubmnails
def __init__(self, verbose_name=None, name=None, width_field=None, height_field=None, sizes=None, **kwargs):
self.sizes = sizes
super(ImageField, self).__init__(**kwargs)
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