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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
from settings import CHAPTER_RATING_OPTIONS
from django.shortcuts import render_to_response
from django.template import RequestContext
from book.models import Chapter
from pages.models import Frontpage
from django.http import HttpResponseRedirect, HttpResponseNotAllowed, HttpResponse
from datetime import datetime
from emencia.django.newsletter.models import Contact
from emencia.django.newsletter.models import MailingList
#Check if email is valid
from django.core.validators import email_re
def is_valid_email(email):
return True if email_re.match(email) else False
def index(request):
chapters = Chapter.objects.filter(visible=True)[:5]
frontpage = Frontpage.objects.all()
return render_to_response(
'index.html', {'chapters': chapters, 'frontpage': frontpage,'options': CHAPTER_RATING_OPTIONS},
context_instance = RequestContext(request)
def subscribe_resent_chapters(request):
errors = []
email = None
older_side = None
if 'email' in request.POST:
email = request.POST['email']
if 'next' in request.POST:
older_side = request.POST['next']
if not email:
errors.append('Please enter your email.')
elif is_valid_email(email)==False:
errors.append('The mail is not valid.')
contact, created = Contact.objects.get_or_create(email=email,
'last_name': ''})
if created == False:
errors.append('The email is already subscribed.')
return render_to_response(
'email_error.html', {'errors': errors, 'email': email, 'older_side': older_side},
context_instance = RequestContext(request)
#all users is made ready for the ManytoManyField
contacts = Contact.objects.all()
for e in contacts:
#Create Maillist with all users
mailinglists = MailingList.objects.filter(name='All users')
if mailinglists.count() > 0:
mailinglist = mailinglists[0]
mpk =
new_mailing = MailingList(pk=mpk,
name='All users',
description='Mailinglist with all users',
new_mailing = MailingList(name='All users',
description='Mailinglist with all users')
if request.POST['next']:
return HttpResponseRedirect(request.POST['next'])
return HttpResponseRedirect('/')
return render_to_response(
'email_error.html', {'errors': errors, 'email': email, 'older_side': older_side},
context_instance = RequestContext(request)
def update_point_session(request):
if not request.is_ajax() or not request.method=='POST':
return HttpResponseNotAllowed(['POST'])
if request.POST.get('session'):
request.session['point'] = True
return HttpResponse('created')
if request.POST.get('session_del') and request.session['point']:
del request.session['point']
return HttpResponse('deleted')
return HttpResponse('ok')