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EOSIO Smart Contract Framework for making a decentralised Uber/Taxi service.
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This is a framework for making decentralised Uber/Taxi services on the EOSIO platform. Using the EOSIO CDT for developing Smart Contracts.

You can find drivers and reviews of drivers for free, anonymously.

  • findtaxi(user_lat, user_lon)
  • findreview(driver)

You can apply to be a driver or update your record (at your own ram cost)

  • createdriver(driver, driver_name, driver_phone, driver_base_lat, driver_base_lon, driver_travel_radius_km)
  • updatedriver(driver, driver_name, driver_phone, driver_base_lat, driver_base_lon, driver_travel_radius_km)

You can create a review or update your review (at your own ram cost)

  • createreview(owner, driver, review_title, review_body, score)
  • updatereview(owner, driver, review_title, review_body, score)

/SampleWebGlu : This directory contains examples of using Google Maps maplaces.js plugin to extract lat/lon coordinates and a radius in km from google maps (to be used by drivers) and using HTML5/JS to request a users current lat/lon position from their mobile phone (to be used by users).

:: Compile

eosio-cpp eosuber.cpp -o eosuber.wasm --abigen

:: Notes

Some basic cell-space-partitioning would go a long way in the findtaxi() function.

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