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HIV Indicators Tool for district level estimates of HIV epidemic indicators
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HINT - HIV Indicators Tool

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SpringBoot Kotlin web app for interfacing with the Naomi model for joint small-area estimation of HIV prevalence, ART coverage, and HIV incidence via the hintr package



  • Docker
  • npm
  • openjdk 8
  1. Clone this repo
  2. Run npm install from src/app/static
  3. Run ./scripts/ to start docker instances of hint-db and hintr and add a test user with username and password password.
  4. Run npm run build from src/app/static to compile front-end dependencies.
  5. Run app from your IDE or by cd src && ./gradlew :app:bootRun to serve the app on port 8080

For more information about developing the front-end see src/app/static/README


Ensure dependencies are running and then execute tests on the command line or through IntelliJ

  1. ./scripts/
  2. ./src/gradlew -p src app::test

Database Interface

If the database schema has changed, you can regenerate the database interface code (in /src/databaseInterface) by running ./src/gradlew -p src :generateDatabaseInterface:run while the database container is running.


A docker image containing the app is created by running ./scripts/ This is run as part of the Travis build. Run docker run -p 8080:8080 mrcide/hint:branch_name to run a built image.

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